Powerful gaming TV box Beelink GT1 Ultimate

Today we review a very powerful, but it is extremely small TV-smart console model Beelink GT1 Ultimate and here are her characteristics:

The contents

  • What’s inside
  • Where to buy the original or fake?
  • Wireless networks
  • Testing
  • Video
  • What’s inside

    • OCTA core CPU Amlogic S912 with a clock frequency of 2 GHz.;
    • 3GB of memory, attention, DDR4! A little later we’ll discuss about cheating with this memory;
    • 32 GB of internal memory;
    • On Board Android OS 7.1;
    • Built-in sound card with coaxial output stereo (standard two channel) or 5.1 for home theater;
    • Support of all needed codecs including H264 and H265 with mandatory also to 4K inclusive Ultra Plus FullHD.

    Right about the memory. On Aliexpress, as is often the case, there are crooks who are in the same housing insert tab from the younger model in which memory is only 2GB and it is DDR3.

    Where to buy the original or fake?

    In order not to fall into the trap of scammers, just order from proven sellers on Ali here. Do not pursue the smallest price, choose those who have a lot of positive feedback and sales.

    Still, as an option, can be ordered from GearBest on this page. They also sent around the world and they only have the originals, tested repeatedly.

    But if you have bought on Aliexpress and see that the data do not correspond, feel free to ask return at least half the price, threatening to open a dispute and accused of manufacturing fake things. They are very afraid of this.

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    Wireless networks

    • Two standard Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. Squeezes when testing to 150 Megabytes speed;
    • Only Bluetoth 4.0.

    The remote control is very convenient due to the availability of additional buttons that are programmable for any TV and features. But always, of course, it is better to use aeromike with a full QWERTY keyboard.

    A great advantage of consoles Beelink GT1 consider the almost complete lack of heat even without forced cooling. It is rare and it means a competent solution passive cooling engineers manufacturer Bilink.


    As you know, with all that filling in the form 8-nuclear processor and DDR4 3 GB no problem at all on Android will not.

    Movies in 4K please powerful and fast Wi-Fi great support. Well, games now are unlikely to have that require more power — everything else, see the video below.