Powerful audio column TG-118 40 Watts with Bluetooth

Ordered portable wireless bluetooth speaker model TG-118 on Aliexpress 1836 for rubles here on this page. Goods delivered by courier 3 weeks prior to the city of Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region. Packed column well, the possibility of damage during shipping is minimal.

The claimed 40 watts lives up to expectations, very loud sounds. Out of town on the nature-power audio playback abound. The speakers do not hiss, no rattle, clean sound.

The amount of battery 3600 mAh. When fully charged battery runs for more than 24 hours of continuous use at high volume. Included charging cable mini-USB to USB, can charge from a laptop, a powerful power Bank or power pack Rock.

In addition to the connection with the phone via bluetooth, the device has a connector for USB to listen to music from the flash drive, AUX input (cord included), slot for micro SD. Very convenient that there are many options for music playback. Also in column integrated FM radio.

Long strap allows you to hang TG-118 in any convenient location or worn on the shoulder.

Overall, excellent quality product with great functionality, very loud sound. I recommend this column, a chic alternative to the JBL. Again let me remind you that I bought this speakers on Aliexpress here.


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