Powerbank XIAOMI Mi Power Bank 2 10,000 mAh

Because of their employment and the very rare time spent at home, it is necessary to always carry a portable battery charger that provides me confidence in the work of my gadgets throughout the day. Given to me back in the summer of 2016 poverbank out of order and ceased to properly perform its functions, and had to pick up a decent replacement for him at aliexpress.

Lately I hear many good and positive reviews about the technique Xaiomi. Therefore, the portable device decided to take the same company. Because this company belongs to Chinese, not the slightest fear to order from aliexpress was not. So I chose the model with peace of mind and confidence that come the device in the normal state.

The contents

  1. Choice and where to buy
  2. Quality and real capacity
  3. Work and instruction on the use of
  4. Summary
  5. Video

Choice and where to buy

Of all the models from xaiomi power bank like most XIAOMI Mi 2 Power Bank (10000mAh). Ordered poverbank for 1.5 thousand rubles (if not mistaken, managed to get it at a discount of a few hundred). Took the official page of the manufacturer on Aliexpress here. I believe the right to buy the official, not perepadenko Ali.

Was sending to St. Petersburg a little more than 3 weeks. It’s all whole, without any scratches and damage, the main box was well Packed by the seller (without additional protection case would certainly hurt). In the box was the manual and a power cord to charge the power Bank. On the box was the verification code. Use the device from xaiomi for about 3 months and not a single flaw not yet found.

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Quality and real capacity

As for the charger – I definitely made the right decision. An important factor for me was the external dimensions (to make it easy to carry in a clutch). Came portable charger easily fits in the palm of your hand and very light.

Metal, felt, high quality, durable. The body of anodized aluminum, making the device difficult to cause damage.

I ordered a power Bank in black, looks very stylish, but if bright light gives a grayish tint (almost unnoticeable). The surface is matte, body is a logo of the company xaiomi. To the surface does not stick any dust and dirt due to aluminium body.

Power bank works well: one full charge portable device is enough for 4 full battery of my phone (iPhone 6 Plus).

This is enough to ensure that all day to go about their business and not to look panicked socket in order to charge your gadget. Usually leave the poverbank for the night charging and in the morning he is ready to work.

Work and instruction on the use of

To cope with battery charger XIAOMI Mi is a snap. On the side located button switch, 2 port (output and input) and a light bulb battery.

Charge your phone standard wire for him. In addition, connect to power Bank periodically and smart watch Amazfit Bip from xaiomi, which is very quickly charged.


In General, for a few months of use did not reveal any flaws. I think, for fifteen hundred rubles, this device is a godsend.

Very convenient to carry with you (even just in my hand with the phone, or pocket), quickly charges the phone (on one full charge takes more than an hour), stylish look (looks not only beautiful, but solid enough).

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As for me – XIAOMI Mi Power Bank 2 is really good for the money, hope it lasts longer still. Again, ordered the official, Xiaomi on Aliexpress here. There 100% will send the original guarantee and well Packed. Sometimes they have discounts.