Powerbank Rock Slim 10,000 mAh

When buying a battery for your phone did not want to pay, so this review is for a product that fully justifies its price.

Rock Slim Powerbank 10000 bought from official seller (the page Rock Official Flagship Store here) with free shipping via Seller’s Shipping Method. Battery cost 9.74$ at the time and delivery was five weeks before Ukraine (Krivoy Rog).

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Real capacity
  3. Where to buy
  4. Video


The housing is made of fireproof ABS plastci with a rough texture, which performs the function of anti-slip and protects your device from scratches and damage if dropped. Therefore, the battery Rock Slim resistant to iNOS at 100%.

The model is available in two classic colors: black and white. With regard to the protection against internal failures, the manufacturer claims about the protective properties such as protection against: over-voltage (input and output), differential pressure, short circuit, intelligent processing voltage, auto-cross and anti-static protection and others.

With a weight of 230 grams Rock Slim Powerbank 10000 has a size of 140*72*15.3 mm, not much more conventional smartphone. A definite advantage is the fact that this model has two USB ports that can charge two devices at the same time. In addition to the two outputs for a standard USB connector on the side panel as there is a Type-C Input, Micro-Input, and LED indicators of battery level.

Real capacity

The manufacturer claims that the battery for charging Iphone8 3.7 times. In practice, tested only on Xiaomi, with battery 4000 mA. The result: two full charge and 20 percent, so 10000 mAh — this is the real current capacity. Rock Slim 10000 Powerbank suitable for IPhone, IPad, Android devices, smart bracelets, smart watches, tablets and even UVA unmanned drones.

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Where to buy

In this price segment is represented not so much the brand of batteries for smartphones, Powerbank 10000 Rock Slim is one of the best solutions in terms of price/quality.

Again, better to buy on the official website of the manufacturer of Rock on Aliexpress here, as this guarantees the authenticity and quality. Third-party sellers just resell this product, or you can buy only expensive, or it will be altogether fake.

If you specifically do not like this or design it, then I can still recommend powerbank Pineng firms of the same capacity.

Well, for those who want to charge directly from the sun and not from the network 220 or from the car, recommend that such powerbank solar.