Power Bank solar Suoyang

In the summer of 2018, we as a family decided to have a rest from city bustle, the sea and chose not simple rest and extreme tourism in the tent! Charge all your gadgets, so do not forget about an ordinary power bank, charging from the network. In the presence of a young child who all the time asks the cartoons, our phones quickly «sit».

What was our surprise that the neighbors on tent, phones and tablets work the second week!

As it turned out, they had solar Power Bank brand Suoyang 20,000 mAh battery that charges itself from the sun!!! We were in awe.

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  1. Where to buy and our order
  2. Quality and real capacity
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Where to buy and our order

On arrival home, I decided to order the same Solar Power Bank 20000 mAh and, without difficulty, found it on Aliexpress from this seller.

Ordered August 20, 860 rubles, sent in 4 days, normal mail, the parcel arrived on 4 October in the mail in the city of Simferopol. The track is fully monitored. The battery came already charged, so was able immediately to check it out.

Quality and real capacity

On Power Banke has an indicator light that shows the percentage of remaining energy, which is very convenient. In General, the battery looks very good, looks expensive and of high quality, light, weighing only 260 grams!

As one of the advantages is the led flashlight that shines bright enough and has 3 modes (bright, less bright and flashing mode). Input interface Micro USB, can charge simultaneously 2 phones, or other devices.

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Battery capacity 15000-20000мАч. When it is fully charged enough to charge the phone with battery 4000 mAh about 3 times. My husband says that this is normal and so approximately it should be.

iPad with 12000 mAH battery can fully charge 1 time to complete zero and remains around 35% charge.

Included was the cord but it is short and does not inspire confidence, so he was immediately replaced by another, from the charger of the phone.

The description stated that the battery waterproof, test of course I did not, but I think drizzle will not.


If you lead an active lifestyle, definitely recommend to buy Solar Power Bank 20000 mAh Waterproof solar battery Suoyang. Well, or just to save power. From the sun the battery will be charged very long time, it is about the whole day in the summer to charge 70-80 percent.

Again, bought here on Aliexpress.