Power Bank manufacturer Rock

Since we have no home computer, I sit and work exclusively with mobile devices. Their main problem is the large power consumption and relatively small amount of battery. Because of this, constantly had to «hang» on the cord from the outlet.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance and usability
  3. Real capacity and capabilities
  4. The pros and cons

Where to buy

Once on Aliexpress I looked cheap power bank I know of a firm Rock. I took it with discount for$ 7 here on this page. The device came in original packaging, delivery SDEK took less than 2 weeks.

I chose the dark blue color because black is sufficient pall, and the light color was too easily soiled. The upper material is matte plastic, slightly rough. From the hand does not slip, but on slippery surfaces or on clothes can slide.

Appearance and usability

Fortunately, the Bank has a strong eyelet for a lanyard or keychain. By the way, it is convenient to store little trinkets-charging. In addition to the power bank ROCK, complete to him was a short cord for charging just 30 cm it is convenient for Me to use it to recharge the phone from the Bank.

After operating for about six months, I can say that scratches on the body almost imperceptible, and paint with printed brand and specs is not erased.

Due to the listed capacity not to exceed 37 Watts/hour, this powerbank you can carry in hand Luggage aircraft.

So, these characteristics of the device is 10 000 mAh capacity, 1 micro-USB 2A/5V, 1 a output 2.1 A/5V. Additionally provided led charge indicator and a button on/check charge.

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Each notch shows 25% battery, podsvechivaya pale blue. The night light eyes not interfere.

Bank Rock weight is 170 grams, which is consistent with the capacity of taking into account the plastic housing. Now let’s check his real abilities.

Real capacity and capabilities

  1. First, charging. To powerbank charged from zero to one hundred, it takes at least 3.5 hours. While it heats up slightly. For measurements, the current takes the Bank a little less than the stated 2 Amps is about 1.8 And in the middle of the cycle down to the end of charging.
  2. Secondly, the return. Well stated Rock gives 1 ampere at a voltage of 5V. No deviations from the stated norms. At a load of 2 ampere/5 volt current, in principle the return is also normal, although the stress just fell off.Attempt to install load 3A failed. However, the tester continued to work, and at a current of 2.6 And the drawdown was only to 4.3 volts. I can assume that the claimed 2.1 A/5V powerbank issues.
  3. And third devices. With smartphones Huawei and Samsung device runs without conflicts. IPhones and iPads also connect without problems.Errors about incompatibility of devices I have not encountered even once. Also powerbank charged, oddly enough, and small electronics with a current consumption of less than 0.2 amperes, although other banks they often did not respond. By the way, when charging other devices Rock does not heat up.

My iPhone 7 with a tired battery power bank brand Rock charges almost completely three times. If the count capacity at 5V, then you need 10000 multiply by 3.7 and divide by 5. The resulting theoretical 7400 mAh. Taking into account the efficiency of the real capacity should be lower.

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If we take an efficiency of 80%, the practical amount of powerbank is about 6000 mAh.

Taking into account possible errors and the fact that the real volume of my iPhone battery is 1800mAh, it can be concluded that the Power Bank Rock corresponds to the specified manufacturer information.

The pros and cons

Summing up, briefly list the pros and cons of the device power bank.


  • non-soiling surface, a scratch-resistant;
  • eyelet for strap or key chain;
  • the device does not overheat;
  • the capacity corresponds to the declared;
  • charging support all devices.


  • only one output socket;
  • no display with a numeric charge indicator;
  • body Rock is a bit slippery.

In General, I suggest Power Bank Rock to anyone who needs a small mobile power source for any device that charges from USB. Once again, I bought it on Aliexpress here.