Power bank brand Innoants in the form of a cat

Portable charger in the form of a cat — character from the anime Totopo cost me 10.6$. The decision about the necessity of this model was the recent anime viewing, and the desire to have a device not a standard rectangular shape.

There are different colors to choose: black and multi-colored, but the hero of the cartoon actually gray, so this color I chose. Shipping was fast and free, has come to Ukraine for 3 weeks.

To choose from different sellers also have different capacity of power bank: from 8 to 12 thousand mAh, I chose the biggest reasons «long enough». Took Innoants power bank on Aliexpress here on this page.

The contents

  1. Shape, size, material
  2. Management
  3. Capacity
  4. Experience

Shape, size, material

The size is quite convenient to carry — 10 cm long, 6 cm wide and about 3 and a half in thickness. Weight 222 grams seems like a small stone. Was afraid that the ears will break off quickly, but no, all the strong, though slightly tangy.

Material Innoants — rough plastic, rubber. Cat whiskers drawn resistant paint. In General, external quality, like everything. Over the long months of constant use, there is no scratches, no dirt. On the reverse side for more picture and some useful information.

Connectors: 2 standard connectors — one to charge the phone, the other to charge the power bank. By the way, the charging cable also came in the kit.


The charge indicator…

All that glows — mouth. When you charge the phone, it lights up all the bulbs, then after a few minutes they faded out, but this does not mean that he ceased to charge. When you charge powerbank, the light bulbs on the rise, showing how he’s already loaded.

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The only button on the external battery Innoants — nose kitty. For what it is and how it works you will not understand.

When clicking when nothing is connected, it will turn on the indicator showing how many charges left, and in the same way you can turn it off. But when the phone is connected, this button is not needed because the connection happens automatically. Had to repeatedly in different situations to use to understand all its essence.


The stated capacity of the battery Innoants — 12000 mAh. This means that my 5000 mAh the phone should have been enough «toys» for 2 full charge. But never have I could not.

Of course, most charged in parallel and used the phone, but not once they tried to leave in tranquility exercises for verification.

In the end, a complete power bank Innoants was almost enough for 2 charging. Plus it is a very long process that I consider a minus. During simultaneous use of the phone on low brightness in reading mode, the charging percentage did not rise, but only supported. Therefore, the functional quality is not the best.


I took this power bank firms Innoants not to ride on long journeys as well, just in case, so I was completely satisfied with it. One of the challenges for me — to please the eye — it is okay. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

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