Portable tripod for camera Andoer WT3130

The quality is excellent! For deficiencies discovered.

Got Andoer WT3130 in a cardboard box, Packed securely. Made of aluminum, covered with quality paint, the color brown.

Stable, lightweight, compact, as well it has plastic clips on retractable legs, by which takes 5 levels of height:410mm., 625mm., 855мм., 1080mm., 1245мм., it is very convenient to use.

The top is a mounting element with thread that secures the camera to the tripod head and allows you to make your tripod more versatile with additional adapters.

Fasteners on the side helps the pad to tilt by 90 degrees , there is a level to help most exactly to install the camera.

Long handle rotates the entire design at the top of the 180 degree one turn to the right secures the tripod head. Comes with pouch black color with drawstring drawstring.

For professional use may Andoer WT3130 will not work, this product is more for Amateur photo and video shooting. Tried to shoot when the wind is strong, coped with a Bang.

No problem holding a heavy piece of equipment, such as DSLR camera. The cost at the time of order 890,50 RUB.. delivery of goods 3 weeks before the Taganrog regular mail. Very pleased with the ordering, the product I recommend!

Can still advise the annular Led lamp Yingnuost and stabilizer for cameras Steadicam.

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