Portable speakers JBL Charge 2

I ordered in the Internet-shop «Joom» portable Bluetooth-column «Charge 2», allegedly from the firm JBL. The offer on the website «Joom» you entered only the name of the model «Charge 2», without specifying the manufacturer. On Aliexpress you can buy the original here for about the same money.

On one of the photos in the online store, the column was exposed to the backdrop of cardboard boxes, similar to the original, with the name of the model, but no manufacturer.

The seller of the speakers was the supplier «IKAI Electric», with rating of 4.6. In the proposal it was stated that there is a small size, cost about 1300 rubles, and large size, price — 1521 ruble. I chose a large.

Currently, the website removed the model name «Charge 2», just says portable Bluetooth speaker, however, typing in a search engine «column JBL», You will still find this column.

The deadline for the delivery of Internet-shop in the city of Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol territory, was exhibited on October 30, 2018. The parcel was tracked until 18 October 2018, the latest location — customs of the Russian Federation. And here October 29, 2018, in the mailbox put the notice on the parcel on the same day, I took her to the nearest post office.

The contents

  1. Opinion
  2. Connectors and memory card
  3. Control and indication


Opening the package, I did not see any cardboard boxes. The column was in a package with a protective, air cavities of the user was not. In the package together with column lay charging wire «USB» (without the charger), and a packet of stickers, two round — on the ends of the column, and one emblem «JBL» for the Central grid dynamics.

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It turns out that ordering a nameless «replica», we own, sticking stickers, makes it «original». Well, for the price, a normal situation.

Column look quite neat, the materials are nice, the color is rich, pungent smell of plastic, no, the gaps are the same, streaks of glue, either. The website says that the column is waterproof, but I was afraid to check because I heard that it is not so.

Connectors and memory card

Column has slots USB, micro USB and micro SD. On the top of the column there is a button «on/off» (has sound), buttons «-» and » + » that you can switch tracks or adjust the volume.

Through a wire of 3.5 mm can be connected to a TV set-top box for your TV to

Column you can use the speakerphone when talking on the phone, via Bluetooth to listen to music, and listen to music with flashcart.

The column came charged, children played three days in a couple of hours a day. You can charge as from the computer and phone charging. Plays loud, clean enough, though a bit lacking «bass», as stated on the website ten watts, of course not, but overall, for the money not bad.

You can make it and present karaoke using a special wireless microphone for Karaoke Q7.

Control and indication

In the area of the control buttons, is a charging indicator, but always on only the first maximum of the second led. Gave electrician friend, he said he would fix it, but then returned, said that the case is not collapsible, and he’s afraid to break him.

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Still a little problem when playing music via Bluetooth occasionally stutters (loses signal), but this is very rare. In General, a good product, fulfills the money with interest, the battery lasts a long time, really don’t see the level of charging from USB drives plays fine. Again, on Aliexpress you can order on this page.