Portable radio and mp3 player Rolton W405

I ordered this radio in the official store on Aliexpress Rolton at this link. The seller is quite a good rating and a lot of orders with positive reviews, so despite not being the lowest cost, we still decided to order it here.

The order was made during the November sales 11.11 with a very good discount (in normal times, the cost ranges from 700-900rub). To me this device Rolton W405 given all sorts of coupons (seller + coupon for coins + specpan) got just 450 rubles! Using cashback EPN you can still save on top of any discounts and coupons.

The delivery was carried out from China and in Saint Petersburg the parcel arrived in 10 days, praise the seller for being so responsive. Already in the city radio I was given a courier service SDEK, which is also very pleased.

A parcel sent in the original cardboard box is not presentable, it’s for the best: to be less attention to email). The second box, the one inside, is already more solid, with the image of the radio and a brief information about it, such and give not be ashamed.

The contents

  • Scope and characteristics
  • Appearance
  • Memory card and MP3 player
  • Radio-mode Flashlight
  • Opinion
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Scope and characteristics

    Package includes:

    • Directly the receiver;
    • Manual in English;
    • Strap for wearing on wrist (can someone else does that? ☺);
    • Li-ion battery 18650 with the capacity of 1500 mA*h;
    • The USB cable.


    • Radio weight: 170 g;
    • Battery weight: 36 g;
    • Dimensions: 124 mm/32mm/67mm.


    Radio represented the seller in three colors: red/gold/blue. In my opinion the gold color is very faded and the least winning of the presents, though, here on taste and color, of course.

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    We chose the red color and I think it has paid off. Very rich, noble, reminds me of a red tinted wood on the decks of yachts. As for the fingerprints, on the surface they are almost invisible, despite a sufficient gloss.

    On the front side there is a display showing the battery level, frequency, etc., a speaker grille with the brand emblem rubber buttons in number of 16 pieces.

    On the right side of the radio are the wheel to adjust the volume and turn on the receiver, connectors 3.5 mm headphone and USB cable and flashlight (white light and UV). On the left side only a hole for the strap.

    There is also a extendable antenna for best search of frequencies. Overall Assembly is pretty high quality and tidy, nothing to complain about.

    Very suitable for hikers, fishermen, and just to the country. I can only recommend the set charger from the sunlightto be able to do without 220 Volts when needed.

    Well, wired headphones Xiaomi does not hurt, so as not to disturb others sometimes.

    Memory card and MP3 player

    The crucial point, which my father drew attention to this device is the presence of slot for memory cards. This feature has already been tested. Indeed, the receiver is able to play music and audiobooks. When a card is inserted, the recording will start automatically.

    Radio-mode Flashlight

    When you press the orange button starts automatic tuning of all available radio frequencies with the assignment for each station of your room. In the future, to search for a station you can dial her number buttons.

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    The led is quite dim, in exploration’t go there). But, in the field, ie elementary on the landing or in the garage he can use.



    • Little cost;
    • Design;
    • Good signal reception;
    • Stability on a flat surface;
    • Remote work (from the battery);
    • A good scatter volume;
    • Sound quality when listening through headphones (though here much depends on the headset);
    • A large number of frequency bands;
    • No rattles even at maximum volume;
    • The ability to dial in the frequency manually numbers. For example, if I saw somewhere on outdoor advertising, on TV or just heard in the store, the bus.


    • Failure of the user: with many features understood only by experience;
    • Support small number of formats;
    • There is no possibility of recording radio broadcasts.

    Follow-up. Rolton W405– super budget radio with high-quality packaging, cute design and surprisingly good sound quality.

    To buy definitely recommend. Again, took here Ali spokesperson.