Portable column A10 with bluetoth

Portable mini column A10 Portable Bluetooth for listening to music was bought on Aliexpress here in gift to his daughter for 10 years! She loves to listen to music and at this moment it is not dialing, built-in microphone is very good, you can talk hands-free.

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. The sound quality
  3. Conclusion


Externally, the product is very nice, the case is metallic, the base has a silicone surface, apparently the speaker does not slip — easy! Under the cover of the plug has connectors for micro usb, Micro SD card. You can play music from the phone via Bluetooth and SD card.

Size small, in case you can carry in your pocket. Weight — 170 grams, size 71*42 mm.

The sound quality

The sound, surprisingly, good at high volume there is no rattles from the bass, the sound is pretty clear, nice to hear. Speaker can operate smoothly for about 3 hours.

In column A10 has the volume buttons, it switches and tracks, a switch button and a pause button. In short, the management clear and simple, understood and 10-year-old child without any problems.

Also, the column has a blue backlight, can be switched on and in the dark, looks very impressive!


Column A10 was very well Packed, box is very presentable as a gift was perfect. Plastic box with a lid, it charging cable micro usb, user manual and of course the speaker itself )

Price — 750 rubles. Delivered from stock in Russia in a week, home by courier! The seller is communicative, before sending said address, and accuracy of the chosen model. Purchase I and my daughter are happy! Again, the order made on Aliexpress here on this page.

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