Portable blender battery and USB 380 ml.

I wanted myself to order a portable blender on the battery, as began to study hard sports and switched to a healthy diet.

Sizing of different brands on Aliexpress, wanted to pick up for the price and quality is acceptable. At a time of great discounts, in honor of the Birthday of Aliexpress, got the seller, who had more than 700 reviews and all positive.

Price before the discount was 19 $ , and during the discount portable blender cost me 10 $. My happiness knew no bounds.

Later I was contacted by the seller and was told that the color which I ordered already out of stock (it was green) and offered me blue. Of course, I agreed.

The parcel arrived in the city of Kremenchug (Ukraine) in 3 weeks in the mail. Packed the parcel was securely. The box with the blender was wrapped in Plex, the blender, too Packed inside.

The battery was charged, so after unpacking, immediately start using it. Of course, large pieces of Apple and not thawed berries he had not pulled, but when put to small pieces and pour yogurt or juice the process goes with a Bang!

Overall, I am completely happy with my purchase and recommend this product. Here is a direct link to it on Ali. Still I can recommend this teapot Gongfu for true connoisseurs of Chinese tea and a silicone form for baking pancakes in a frying pan.

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