Portable air humidifier with USB White Dolphin

With the baby on many things that were previously not visible, begin to pay attention. So I began to notice that sometimes in the apartment, the air becomes dry. Especially in winter when the boilers are working at full power, and the battery fire.

So I came to buying a humidifier.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and to use
  3. Work
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

Where to buy

As always in such cases, appealed to Aliexpress. The choice was huge and I had to dig. The budget was limited to 1 thousand roubles. When focused on reviews from other buyers, number of sales, size and appearance.

Decided to buy this brand White Dolphin.

The seller was, therefore, the device cost me a few cheaper than the regular price only 520 rubles. To the Oryol region the humidifier came in 17 days.

The parcel was Packed in paperco. The humidifier was lying in the box. Included USB cord and manual.

Quality and to use

Humidifier White Dolphin — not great. Height 14.5 cm. Holds a glass of water. Water use filtered to the filter in the humidifier lasts longer.

Plastic does not smell, and when that odor was not.

Quite easy to use. Understands easily. To pour water is sufficient to Unscrew the cover at the top of the humidifier. Is controlled by one button.

The humidifier is in lighting mode. To enable the button you have to press hold. Periodically change color — red, blue, green. Night use it even as a night light. Very convenient.

By the way, in the water you can add essential oil. The manufacturer warns that the need to use only water-soluble oil.

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Due to the size, the humidifier can be use in car, you can wear to work. In General, it is very mobile. In the presence of a USB cord allows you to use the device from poverbank, PC, laptop.


The humidifier is very quiet. Even at night the silence almost inaudible.

Jet of steam is very strong. I didn’t expect such a small device will give out such a powerful stream. After half an hour in a room of 18 m2 significantly freshened.


In General, the performance of the humidifier White Dolphin, I am more than satisfied. Has been operating for 2 months and no complaints.

A great buy for the money, once again, bought it on Aliexpress here on this page.