POCOPHONE F1 from Xiaomi — top gaming smartphone with MIUI

Today we have a review of a top-end smartphone — new 2018 Pocophone F1. It just so happened that many manufacturers give the console to their top-end models in the form of F1 or L, hinting at Ferrary or Lamborghini. Well, or X is already on the IPhone last.

Pocophone is a subsidiary of the brand has become a cult Xiaomi. Why they do it is hard to say. May delegate part of their production to outsourcing or simply share the company to a niche, because Saami (or Xiaomi) now produces really everything: from smart phones to disposable razors and ordinary gel pens.

Well, Pokefan, so pokefan, going to watch it today in the review…

The contents

  1. Price and where to buy
  2. The quality and my opinion
  3. The declared characteristics
  4. Feeling
  5. Cons
  6. Camera, photos, and videos
  7. Conclusion
  8. Video

Price and where to buy

The price at the time at the time of writing this review is about$ 300. Personally, I took over 280, but of course, back 8$ via cashback EPN. Total — 272 U.S. currency.

I took this miracle on Aliexpress from a seller called Fantacy Technology here. As I understand it, reading the periodicals, they are the official direct suppliers of phone brand Xiaomi to foreign markets.

Surprisingly, sent the same day you order. In the morning, ordered in the afternoon received a message that everything is OK and sent and here is your tracking number! But after a week and a half he was in Moscow, but three days went to my post office))) In any case, to pay a premium for quick shipping does not make sense — I think so.

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The quality and my opinion

Packed by the seller was good, it’s really «Fantasy», for which he had special thanks. In the box of the headphones was not only soft silicone bumper cover. But somehow the seller put the original headphones Xiaomi, although the description page of the product, this was not.

I must say, I turn on POCOPHONE F1 with Android on Board with the IPhone seventh generation, so perhaps my attitude will be somewhat biased. But I can be trusted to accurately compare it with Apple iPhone.

The declared characteristics

  • Screen 6.2 inch 2246 на1080 points FullHD+ and real stereo sound (damn, it’s a movie theater in your pocket);
  • CPU — 8 cores, games, and one of the top now Snapdragon 845, so for all other applications it will be enough «above the roof»;
  • Memory: 128 or 64 GB. Then I save a little and because not keep a lot of things on the phone, and how each applove used to merge all in the cloud or on the computer, better to spend the difference in price for the year high-speed mobile Internet;
  • 6 Gigabytes of RAM;
  • 12 MP camera;
  • The battery is 4000 mAh, plus all the necessary kit as it should be: 5 bluetoth, wifi two pieces: 2.4 and 5 GHz.

Everything else you can do to look on the manufacturer’s page, I will not introduce all the features.


The first feeling after I take it in hand, «Cool! Expensive, thin and stylish!». Magic standard video screen is fascinating, considering its brightness, colors and realism.


I told a lot good about it, but it was time to put everything in its place and tell you about the cons…

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  • Fully plastic case. This clearly saved. However, plastic is pleasant to touch and, in any case, all use cases, bumpers and other…
  • Title: Poco-F1. Damn, «Pekopon»)) it reminds Me of something childish, for example, «Pokemon», but that’s my personal because I now have a child pokemonskij age;
  • Android on Board. Overall, while special glitches after a week of testing not seen. But if you really run lots of apps simultaneously, then it starts to slow down. Everyone knows such a feature Androids, to me, as an avid Alfonseca is a bit unusual;
  • Fingerprint works fine, fast — five-plus. But! It is on the back cover, not on the button in front of «Home» which is also very very uncomfortable to me;
  • Operating system choice: naked world International Android or MIUI, Xiaomi with a bunch of pre-installed applications and utilities with your file storage and special form. As for me, it is better to take International naked and then everything was set.

Camera, photos, and videos

That’s about it worth mentioning separately. On POCOPHONE F1 camera really is very worthy. My old 7 iPhone nervously smokes on the sidelines. Maybe at the tenth Apple is not worse or better, but there is the price of a thousand dollars, not 300, right?

Takes and photo and video amazing. The colors are bright, but the brightness is not saturated, which gives the natural my videos, and portraits. Stabilization is almost like an action-camera GoPro 4 that I have lying in the drawer. By the way, if you buy him such a special stabilizer for smartphones X-Cam, it will be better than any of action cameras is 100%!

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Phone Pocophone I was pleased in all respects, did not expect. Gone are the days when everything went crazy from epplovskoy technology, and «Ogrody» was the lot of the poor and the economical. Liked the camera and screen, sound.

It is not tested, but you can watch the Pro games, testing games, AnTuTu, etc. in the video below.


Videos are not mine, I did not withdraw because they are already full on YouTube. I just added those here who consider most appropriate and informative for this product. By the way, again: I bought smart on Aliexpress here at the official representative.