Plush toy Alpaca

It has long dreamed to find yourself some plush friend, so it is not possible to contain this pet. Your choice is stopped on rainbow Alpaca. These toys are now widely known on the Internet.

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  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Conclusion

Where to buy

Decided to order from here (direct link) on Aliexpress because the seller had many positive reviews.

For order there are three size variations of Alpaca: 13, 18, and 35 cm. Is the growth of the Alpaca from the front legs to the top. Alpaca presents the photographs of the adult (35 cm), not that I don’t trust the seller, but roulette still found it really corresponds to the declared size.

The price of this Alpaca is$ 10. Smaller sizes are correspondingly cheaper but spend such little money for a nice toy not sorry.

Like most packages from Aliexpress toy though Packed, but quite flimsy wrapper, shook it in several layers of bubble wrap, put her in the pack and successfully sent to Russia (Saint-Petersburg).

The delivery time I was very pleased, initially, it was stated that the parcel will arrive in approximately 21 days, but the timing turned out to be faster, two weeks later, the Alpaca was already in the mail.

The parcel was easy to track at the track number from the first day, no overlap and troubles.


The only thing I was worried about the quality of the toy. Being quite picky about toys, I mentally prepared myself for the fact that you can get upset, but then I was only pleasantly surprised.

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Muzzle alpacas do not get crushed during its trip, and it looks very friendly. Each color is a separate piece of material, but the seams are strong enough and do not disagree.

A small flaw – when packing alpacas badly twisted, so the neck is formed a small hole, which I hastened to correct. Now no sign of violation of integrity it does not.

It is seen that the Alpaca is done with love, she izgibistym back, smiling muzzle, paws is not skewed, it is not only on solid surfaces but does not fall out of bed.

Due to the fact that it is curved in the back it is very comfortable to hold.

All the details worked out by the maker very carefully, they are not paid attention to the ears: they are very funny stick. Paid attention to the tail: it is also fluffy and colorful as the entire body of the Alpaca, eyes look straight, not like most modern toys that suffer from strabismus.

The body of the Alpaca is quite tightly Packed with PP-cotton, to the touch it is incredibly soft and due to the high quality of the filler is not deformed even if it is to sleep.

Weight very light, almost airy, soft fur.


Rainbow Alpaca fits perfectly into any interior of the apartment and brings warm memories of childhood and the belief in real magic.

Sure every child will be delighted with this gift, and any adult will be smitten with her sweet and playful look. Again, bought this plush toy here on this page on Aliexpress.

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