Plush elephant, stuffed toy pillow-hugged

The parcel arrived not in time, late. Maximum delivery time the seller has specified 32 days, but the parcel arrived after 64 days. The product was vacuum-Packed package, a strong odor is not sensed may be present faint smell, but most likely because of the long road to the village Kuybyshevo, Rostov region.

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Where to buy

The number of orders this soft toy is huge, I ordered here on Aliexpress.

The day of the sale, the elephant was worth 505,54 rubles, with spetskorom AliExpress it cost me only 155,72 of the ruble. Delivery by the seller were tracked only within China.

Appearance plush elephant very lightweight, which is good for the baby, the son of happy awe. In General, all as in the pictures. The color is gray. In the shop there are other colors: pink, blue, yellow and purple. I ordered 40 inches, and 60 inches. After washing the plush is soft, the product is not deformed.


Plush elephant is positioned as a soft toy cuddles, or a toy-pillow, so filler is not a lot, but would like more.

At first glance all is well, looking closely, I found one hole about two inches below the leg, and five smaller ones in different places, they were all on the seams, i.e. seams are either not established or not made.

More fingers on the legs partially sewn, the seams are there, but by. Two legs of an elephant was empty, the filler is present only in the lower parts of the legs, this elephant can not be put as the picture. Many protruding threads. It is possible to burn them and to finish on their own.

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The dispute is not opened. If I had paid full price, I would be very upset.


Continue to recommend you to sort reviews by date as default sorting implies that, a positive review at the top of the list. By sorting, I saw the reviews with the same complaints. Glad I got the product at a discount. Again, took on Aliexpress on this page.

I can recommend another set of soft dolls «Masha traveler» and educational giraffe.