Pliers for installing buttons and a set of plastic buttons for clothing

Recently acquired a set of «Pliers (pliers) for attaching the plastic buttons and the 360 buttons T5» on Aliexpress here at this link. Price $15,16, in terms of rubles (at the time of purchase) 963,36. Delivery of orders carried out by mail, the shipping time to the city of eagle for about three weeks. The parcel is tracked throughout the delivery.

The contents

  1. On the set
  2. Reliability
  3. How to fix
  4. Strength
  5. Opinion

On the set

Package contents:

  • the set includes tongs themselves;
  • a set of buttons T5 (360 pieces);
  • plastic three interchangeable tips for different diameters (T3, T5, T8);
  • four interchangeable silicone attachments (two for different diameters of the rod);
  • replacement metal rod;
  • screwdriver;
  • awl (the site is described as a screwdriver),
  • manual.

Tongs are packaged in a fairly tight pack with a reusable zipper. The buttons in the set came in a tightly closing plastic container with separators. The entire set was packaged in a paper box.


Metal tongs, at first glance quite simple and durable design. Replacement of nozzles is performed with a screwdriver to change nozzles it is necessary to Unscrew the corresponding screws in the attachment points and to change nozzles.

As for buttons: a set of 360 pieces assorted colors (24 colors). Size — H5 (12 mm.) mount Kit consists of four buttons, two of which are the same (with a spike in the center). The colors are very nice, rich. Of defective items in a set is not found.

Also in the set there is a manual in English, German and Japanese. For greater clarity, there is quite a detailed photo description of the process of fixing.

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How to fix

Basic principles of operation. Working with tongs is very simple, considerable physical effort is required.

For mounting buttons you need to pierce with an awl (included) tissue in the planned mounting location. Insert into the hole part with thorn. Forceps to examine the conformity of the nozzles selected buttons.

To set the tongs so that the silicon nozzle was on the button with a spike, and a plastic nozzle to set the locking button (latch). Firmly connect the nozzle pliers.

Thus we get the first finished part of the clasp for the product. The same pattern is fixed and the second part of the clasp, only then is already used by another view of the locking latch of the set. The process is very easy and fun.


All parts of the installation are very durable, will not fix it.

Button snap easily with a slight click. The result is quite sturdy clasp for jewelry.

Small lifah: if the buttons are used for fastening the products of a thin fabric, a place where they are mounted it is better to duplicate with an additional layer (or specific tissues).


Summing up, I want to say that the instrument (forceps) are very easy to use, the package is complete, marriage is not detected. The set is fully consistent with the seller’s description. Was satisfied with the purchase.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here. Also, I can recommend reviews on magnetic studs for clothes, shoes and bags and compact sewing machine FHSM-505.