PlexHD motherboard x79 LGA2011 Turbo under

When there was a motherboard PlexHD Turbo x79 Socket LGA 2011, many fans of the assemblies on the server processors Xeon incredibly happy.

It seemed to be a breath of fresh air, she looks very stylish and the factory. Once more similar to Asus than, for example, Huanan.

But in fact, this is the mother of another famous China brand — Kukete that proves true colorful name under hastily and crookedly pasted stickers.

Why had it been so perverted our narrow-eyed friends from China, especially given the same price? Just Kukete is now a brand for the domestic market, and on the outside it will be released under a new flashy and cool name!

The motherboard itself looks very solid and high quality, without soldering curve with stains and strange twists have printed tracks.

Whether the presence of indicator POST-codes, buttons power and reset directly on her lovers, the public offering without housing.

There are the following connectors:

  • For memory modules DDR3 — four pieces;
  • Mount cooler for socket 2011, and not as many under 1366. It is also an undeniable plus:
  • Standard 7-phase power system;
  • 2 PCs and one M2 Sata3 SSD;
  • Extra power for PCI-E with 6-pin connector.

Looks cool internal red led backlight)) Apparently, she tells us about the enormous power on the Board (server % Xeon?).

Judging by the reviews online, many on this motherboard prefer to download the modified BIOS to have more features for overclocking. Well, I’ll give the link on such.

Overall, a very interesting motherboard for socket LGA2011 and the money it’s well worth 100%, just a small nuisance and fraud on the real name of the manufacturer. You can buy on Aliexpress here from a trusted seller.

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