Pleated skirt with shorts under it

The pleated skirt is a very common product on Aliexpress. And its price can vary from 5.15$ to 18$. This difference in price arose from the fact that different sellers offer different quality goods. I ordered the feature of the model is the presence of shorts under it, while goods with low value may not have them.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance
  3. Quality

Where to buy

The skirt I chose pink color and paid for it to 5.13$ dollar. And at that time it was the lowest cost of all provided on the site. Product several thousand orders, good reviews and because I confused its low cost. Was taken here.

Size chart from the seller is very wide. Presents sizes from XS to XXL. Usually on Aliexpress I order L size, but this skirt I decided to order a size larger. In the end, it looks great on my figure and does not seem short due to the fact that I can put it just below the waist.

The skirt is made from polyester and available in several color variations. It should be noted that if the hem of the skirt are bright, the shorts will be white, otherwise they are black.

The item is fully tracked from despatch to arrival at my post office. The package itself came about three weeks after departure.


Skirt is fully consistent with the photos on the product page. But I would like to mention that its hard to tell you how much this pink color gentle. Shorts of white color and under the tight fabric of the skirt you can’t see them. Length – about 40 inches. So you should order a size larger if you are afraid that it will be too short.

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The side has a zipper and buttons that allow the product to sit tight on the figure.


The main part is made of dense fabric soft pink color. Looks very high quality. Shorts made of thinner fabric, and probably for them, the manufacturer decided to save. But still the fabric is nice and fits well, it is not particularly important, as under the hem they are not visible.

After streaky the quality has not changed. The product is not particularly wrinkled. I think is perfect for Dioufond shirt or crop top LOSSKY. Just need the right colors to pick up, and they are different.

Its price, like my expectations, the skirt is fully met, even exceeded my expectations. But I definitely will be ordering more from the same seller, but different color. Again, took Ali on this page.