Playing cards Bicycle Fire

Ordered in February, a deck of cards «Bicycle Fire» on Aliexpress on this page.

I want to share my opinion about this product. Cards at the time cost 600 rubles (9.3 USD) at a discount. Delivered in my city Krasnodar, in about four weeks, which corresponds to the stated deadline of 35 days.

Packed the deck was not very good during transportation on the box, there was a minor defect is the dent on the bottom left corner. On the cards themselves is not affected, but still, packaging should be better.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Appearance
  3. Drawings, shirt and design
  4. Conclusion


Now, about the quality. Cards Bicycle Fire made at the USPCC in America (not the Chinese counterpart, which now sends many dishonest sellers).

Material – cardboard is a good variety with a graphite insert. Also, the cards have a plastic coating air-cushion finish traditional Bicycle products.

The coating gives them a perfect slide – card is a smart weeratna, are arranged in the tape and collected in a double fan. Actually, they’re convenient to carry all the professional tricks and manipulation.

The deck was sealed in cellophane packaging (which, of course, was opened, but on the bottom of the box I kept it in order for the box not tattered).

The latch was sealed with a seal that shows that the card has not been opened, and proves that the deck is actually manufactured in the United States.


The deck is made in the style of Hellfire. On the shirt depicts a pattern of ornament of intertwined lines and points.

In ornament included different faces of devils, and mythical creatures. All this splendor is located on yellow-orange background with smooth colour transitions.

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It is important to mention that the shirt has a white rim, like the Bicycle Standard, so it is NOT recommended to focus with a reversed card in the deck.

Drawings, shirt and design

The face lower cards is made the standard, without any differences in terms of pattern. Red suits (hearts and diamonds) and sevelen a little closer to orange.

The older cards also do not differ in terms of the picture, but colors are completely changed. Yellow and red colors replaced with gold, and the blue to dark green. The black colour remained unchanged. Colors of red stripes, as the card zasvetlen.

On the ACE of spades shows a picture of the boxes, namely: large spades in the center of which the face of the devil, flanked by two mythical head, and all this is surrounded by depicts the fire.

Just below the picture is written the name «Element series. FIRE», the words «Made in USA» and the batch number, from which was taken the deck. Above of spades logo is a Bicycle.

Jokers are identical. The center stone sits a little devil stretches out wings and holding a Trident. Around him are the flames. Located on top of the Joker, and the place values of the cards are dollar signs.


The kit includes two advertising cards, which, unfortunately, I threw away. Promotional information is only on the front side and the reverse side is the shirt, exactly the same as everyone else.

So glue two cards together face to face, you can get a special card for magic dalbec (map shirts on both sides).

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The deck is fully meets the stated on the website description, is high-quality and definitely worth the money. I put 9 out of 10 for poor packaging.

Again, took on Aliexpress here.