Play Mat with piano for kids

In the child’s family, I became interested in the topic of toy that helps kids to acquire and practice new skills. And decided that we definitely need developing pad.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance and dimensions
  3. Rattles
  4. The most important thing — piano and music
  5. Opinion

Where to buy

Because children’s stores in our city prices for this original product Babygo sky-high, began to look for a Mat on Aliexpress, good to choose from.

For me, among other things, it is important that the Mat is transformed during the growth of the child and was interesting for a long time.

And I found what I was looking for. I liked the play Mat with a piano, here is a link to it.

The initial cost was 55 $ but the shop offered a good discount, 100% copy Babygo — even a very good price!

Shipping was free normal mail, took a little over a month. Movement of goods can be traced.

Appearance and dimensions

This product is Packed by the manufacturer in a colorful cardboard box 49 cm / 8 cm/ 42 cm perfect for a gift.

When I saw this children’s game Mat, he liked me very much. Bright colors, fun animals good. Odor was not. Everything is easy and understandable going, even the manual is not useful.

The set consists of a fabric lining, arches for hanging toys, rattles four-pendants, mirrors, five rings for pendants, piano, and elements for mounting the arc and a piano.

Soft bedding fit perfectly, looks beautiful, it depicts various characters: the dog, the cat and the bee, playing musical instruments, a cute monkey, butterfly. On the reverse side of drawings no.

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Litter is not dense, made of smooth fabric, unfortunately, not cotton. On the label stated that the rug is sewn of polyester fiber and cotton batting. Indeed, between the layers of tissue you can feel a thin layer of filler.

Color have kept the brightness even after many washings. By the way, when washing the rug is not faded (washed in the machine on delicate mode).

The size of the Mat Babygo 83 cm in length and 70 cm in width.

Arc educational toys attracts the attention of colors in bright stripes. It is soft, holds its shape well. Arc provided loops for hanging toys. The height of the arch above the floor 51 cm.


Complete with a developing set of four colorful rattles: pink hamster, blue bear, orange tiger, and yellow monkey. The seller indicated in the description that the toys are made of safe plastic.

Each rattle has a fabric loop for attaching to the arc. Toys of the same size, about 12 cm by 6 cm Faces painted with paint, it is holding up well, not erased.

Rattles can be removed and used as a standalone toy. My child like them, sometimes chewing on a fabric loop on these animals or giving them. Rattle, by the way, well, loud.

More to the arc is attached to the mirror, it came with a film to protect from scratches. Mirror a special child, not beating. Behind the mirror has two lace which can be tied as you’d like for a plastic ring, just an eyelet or snap to the arch.

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The most important thing — piano and music

Pianos are quite large, size width 30 cm, height 24 cm he has four keys-pedal, when pressed on reproduced sounds or play different tunes.

While playing songs in each key of music with flashing colored lights. Included switch in the upper part of the body, they can also make the sound louder (two volume mode).

On the front panel educational kit is the red bee or butterfly (do not understand), when clicked it switches modes in the first mode, each key produces the sound, in the second mode when pressing the same key several times in a row would be obtained as a melody of different notes, and in the third mode, pressing the key itself plays the melody. Just 10 tunes, almost all the cheerful dance.

Babygo piano is secured by special elements on the sides that are anchored to the Mat, it can easily be detached and be played as a musical instrument, the child can wear for a piano specially provided pen.

Also press the two buttons keyboard instrument translates into a gaming table, and the kid who already knows how to sit, can sit to press the keys handles. When the baby is still very small, the keys she presses legs lying on the back.

In addition, on the rear panel of the piano are the laces, which can be mounted on the side of the crib, for example.

Runs on three batteries «AA», they are not included in the kit. The batteries are closed with a lid, which is bolted to the body with metal screws, which is important for the safety of the child, he will not be able to get yourself the battery and put it in his mouth.

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I am very pleased with this play set because it is versatile, you can use the whole design for very small children, and certain toys for older kids.

Play Mat grows with your baby, at first it is possible to lie back and review the toys, reach for them, to train flexibility and muscle strength of the legs, trying to hit the stop keys of a piano.

You can lie on the tummy, considering animals. Then to play the piano sitting, training pens. But after carrying a piano with you and play with your friends.

Bright lights piano develop visual skills of kids, music — hearing, and rattles — grasping reflex and orientation in space. Made of high quality, safe for baby. Anyway, definitely recommend!

Let me remind you, bought on Aliexpress here.

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