Pillows with hearts

All kind time of day. I want to share with you the experience of buying pillowcases for sleeping pillow on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Choice
  2. Payment and shipping
  3. The size and quality
  4. Opinion


Fortunately for us, the choice on this platform is huge, different sizes and colors. Looking for pillow cases white with inscriptions. The choice fell on a seller who provides a choice of 17 pairs of pillow cases with different images, as well as a small range of sizes for pillow size 50*75cm 50*90cm. Bought here.

I already bought and led ceiling chandelier on the remote control and GoodLand lamp with motion sensor home, and much more for a home with Aliexpress, so I consider myself an experienced buyer. I read the reviews and made a choice. The seller has not contacted, as there was no need. The purchase cost 8.99$ (for a pair) with free shipping to the city of Almaty(Kazakhstan). It’s a pillowcase on a standard pillow for sleeping, not decorative, and not on an inflatable pillow for relaxation.

Payment and shipping

Parcel «followed,» as for me, just a very long time, almost 2 months. Took in the mail. The quality of the product satisfied! The color of the pillowcases as advertised – white, the inscription crisp, and the fabric feels nice, the description says polyester, but more like a satin of good quality.

The size and quality

About the size, the seller stated 50*75cm (showing 1-2 cm error), in fact 50*72cm. After washing (40º) inscriptions are not «floated», do not shed and not «village». These pillow cases is no zipper, which is a big plus, which usually quickly broken. In this model, using the usual inversion with an allowance of 15 cm, which is pretty impressive.

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All is good, but if you are the owner of a pet, then prepare yourself for the fact that the pillowcase will be a lot of hair, she’s just a magnet, attracts everything! Initially purchasing the product, thought it would be so to say purely for decorative purposes, still white, much Mara and difficult to wash, in fact the opposite.

Operation of pillows in those pillow cases is in full swing, who is taking a NAP and son is so generally like to have a pillow fight, or even what «better» to ride on top of them in order to wash the floor.


To my surprise they are just as easily washed out as dirty, without any extra soaking or zastiranny, threw in the machine, chose the program and voila, get completely clean the pillowcases! After half a year of daily «test» pillowcases, we can safely say that they are worth every penny. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.