PIC K150 ICSP for flashing microcontrollers Microchip Technology

I for many years professionally engaged in programming PIC microcontrollers the most well — known company Microchip Technology.

When I needed a programmer, I of course turned to the Aliexpress and chose a brand free shipping PIC K150 ICSP. It supports work with the following list of integrated circuits (chips):

  • 10;
  • 12C-12F;
  • 16C-16F
  • 18, the calculation is over.

That includes about 190 species of microcontrollers with the number of legs from six to forty.

Took here on this page Ali. A proven seller for many years sells and has hundreds of thousands of sales. Send me the package with free shipping to Novosibirsk for about 3 weeks in normal air package, but the programmer inside was very much protected from mechanical damage and shock.

Cost can be called perfect quality, excellent soldering, neat paths, no streaks of compounds and Polish:

As if the factory motherboard ASUS in China did))

A special panel of the type ZIF such a device that allows you to insert the chips without a load on their findings.

Included cable and USB cable to connect to the computer. Thanks for the supports on the four corners of the circuit Board, through which, you can not use and not to split hairs some kind of external enclosure, and just like to put on a flat surface.

Connecting to a computer

As I said, connected via USB port. I used on Windows 10 (laptop) and Ubuntu Linux (on a PC). You know what else is supported win 7-8-8.1, about XP or MacOS can not say anything, because do not have any OS available, it is better about them is to ask the seller before ordering.

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How to flash

Works without installing the necessary drivers. Rather, they are installed automatically when you first connect. The program is called DIY K150, it can be much where to download on the Internet, we will not stop there.

Here is the window I have highlighted the most important points:

  • The red arrow is port selection, I can do it you need to specify the COM 4;
  • Yellow — the type of microcontroller that you need to insert;
  • The picture on the right shows what socket insert mikruhu, the key is always on top;
  • If everything is correct, it shows the inscription of readiness «Ready,» which I showed by black arrow.

Further, by pressing the «Open» specify the firmware file, and «Program» will, in fact, the action itself. In my experience I can say that the average time is 1-3 minutes. Until now I have never had a problem with the firmware nor the same type of controllers. I think a hundred or so chips I have already programmed.