Phone-spinner SERVO S08

Who would have thought that the Chinese will come up and will sell on Aliexpress?

Today we have a review of something amazing and incredible! It’s a phone-spinner SERVO S08 with buttons and no Android. Prestasi, spinning on his fingers and… cool!

The contents

  1. Where to buy and how much it cost
  2. Device
  3. Video

Where to buy and how much it cost

Took on Aliexpress here during the sale just for$ 15, plus via cashback service EPN returned 1$ with this purchase. If suddenly this link will open a common window with a simple phone, just scroll down a bit or enter a search string «spinner phone».

So, got this miracle in 3 weeks. In the package was only charging, not counting the paperwork. It was silly to hope for a case or a wired headphone because… how, then, to fiddle with?


The device is a pleasant light green color, although there are options: brown, red and white. By the way, Flytec S08 is a fully analogue, just in other colors.

By the way, on the sides there are special LEDs which can make a real disco. YouTube already start the various competitions, like «who on how best to spin and make the colorful».

Spinning quite quickly as any spinner.

As the phone is «normal» knopochek menu, like all such, a color screen, polyphony and even knows how to play music in MP3 format. For music lovers there are plug headphones and Bluetoth. However then you need to buy a memory card to 16 GB, as the built-in 32 megabytes and will last only for a few songs.

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It’s amazing, but it is the camera. However, only 1.3 Megapixels and today many smartphones on Android have a front for selfie better. But still it’s there for a reason.

SERVO S08 real calling, and a lot of things to perform its main task — communication, SMS, alarm clock and so on. You can use as the bluetoth headset. 2 slots for SIM cards that make it quite suitable for working purposes.

Like many of button ismartphone battery here holds a few days is stable even with frequent use. Just not here heavy Android or Windows Mobile, wi-fi, mobile Internet, huge screen with cool matrix and other «eaters» of energy. How many hold a charge — don’t know, just no one had the patience so to do, and charging is always at hand.

In General, this phone is not just a toy. All of its functions it fulfills on hurrah. Can be used as a second work phone, and after work to relieve stress and fatigue as a spinner.