Phone Nokia C3-00

First you need to explain why I ordered this phone is a cool smartphone with a touch screen, from which all without mind now.

The fact that the same phone faithfully served me for 7 years, I got used to it. He is now alive, but began sometimes off, so I decided to buy exactly the same.

There is another reason. Touch phones look great, have a good camera and lots of memory, but because of the number of functions and of processes running incredibly quickly discharged.

For photos I have a camera, for watching movies and games — it is a decent 10-inch tablet, so let the phone be just a phone! But I can be sure that not remain without a connection at an inopportune moment, because my simple phone keeps charging hours, and a few days!

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Usability and Symbian OS
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

It turned out that in a regular store Nokia C3-00 purchase is no longer possible, but on Aliexpress I found in the sale of refurbished phones of this model, that is, restored using original parts and in perfect condition.

I did — I paid 2400 rubles (7 years ago Connected my old man was worth 4690), but body-colored on the choice was not all I used was bright green, would like the same, but in the Chinese shop was the only black, gold and bright pink.

Ordered gold, the seller sent the package by regular mail with tracking within a week after ordering, she came to Smolensk in 24 days after sending. Ordered on Ali here on this page.

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The phone came in the original box Nokia, complete with English manual, charger, headphones, usb cord and a protective film on the screen.

Screen new, no scratches, as the body. Battery 1000 mAh has been Packed separately, holds charge for 2-3 days, depending on usage.

Let me explain what this Nokia phone, like its predecessor, I need it for calls, texts, alarm clock, radio, music player, and even e-book (supports JAR and JAD formats). With all these features it works.

Usability and Symbian OS

Operating the Nokia C3-00 Symbian, RAM 512 MB, you can insert an SD memory card up to 16 GB. Also, you can use the Internet, but not very strong wi-fi or 2g network — it is enough to check e-mail, news in social networks, to find the weather forecast etc.

Slot for a SIM card one, is located inside the phone slot for a memory card outside, the battery is taken out, which is very convenient for repair. The colors are bright, the sound is good. The camera is a 2MP one, the quality of the photos leaves much to be desired, but in extreme cases may be useful.

On the downside, I noticed only one (in my old phone this model was not such a problem) — although the operating system is Russified, on qwerty keyboard, missing some Russian letters, probably, not the most important, from the point of view of Chinese — B, W, X, And E. the letters printed are not very bright, but clearly visible when lit keyboard.

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Overall, on buying Nokia C3-00 I absolutely do not regret the phone I like, actively used for several months, and problems during this time, I have not found. Again, I bought the phone on Aliexpress here.

Still I can recommend phones ODSCN 3330 and Servo 8240 for real music lovers!