Phone Huawei P20 Lite

Looking for a nice, modern and definitely stylish smartphone up to 20 thousand rubles. The iPhone never interested me, and financially I am not very happy about it.

To the issue of buying the phone was answered deliberately: I read a lot of forums, watched video reviews on YouTube, consulted with sellers in the store and in the end I opted for this gorgeous. Mirrored back, a neat streamlined design, stylish fonts: Yes, he’s perfect!

The contents

  1. Price and where to buy
  2. Appearance and equipment
  3. Opinion
  4. Pros
  5. Cons
  6. Summary
  7. Video

Price and where to buy

Cost me this smartphone is 16 500 rubles, bought on Aliexpress in TMall on this page. Shipping from Moscow to Saint Petersburg in just 4 days.

In truth, my soul most of all was the pink color of the body, which, unfortunately, is not represented on the Russian market, but is available to order from many sellers on Aliexpress official here.

Stopped the fact that shipping from China, not Russia, so I had to wait several weeks, and there was a fear to get a phone without NFC (many sellers sell it without this feature).

Appearance and equipment

The phone has a very attractive appearance. The rear surface of the glass, and the sides brushed with two edges – this coverage allows you to sit tightly in the hand not sliding out. Overall, the phone looks expensive-rich, is more expensive than its value. Steeper only Porsche Design Huawei Mate 20 RS, but the price at that time 5 more.

People immediately throw on his own perspective, recognize that the model and asked to fiddle with.

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Supplied the following:

  • Smartphone;
  • Cable Type-C + adapter in the socket;
  • The headset (well, very budget. The thing is absolutely useless and she immediately flew in the trash);
  • Transparent bumper;
  • Paperclip to access the SIM card.

The dimensions of the phone:

  • height: 149 mm
  • width: 71 mm,
  • thickness: 7.4 mm,
  • approximate weight: 145 g
  • Display: 5.84 inches with an aspect ratio of 19:9.

For me, this screen size is perfect. You can’t call him «shovel», and at the same time, it is quite large and it is easy to watch movies and to crawl social networks.

The smartphone lies comfortably in the hand (even a small female), but to type with one hand is quite problematic.

Although Huawei has taken care of that: just in any open window to swapnote on the bottom menu right/left (depending on which hand you hold the phone at the moment) and the screen is reduced to a size convenient to operate the smartphone with one hand!

Color seller: ultramarine / black. For myself, I chose a practical black color, thinking that will make the phone brighter just putting on his bright bumper (good with the good Ali there is no problem).

By the way, after me the same phone ordered and the husband, only in blue version. As for the color, for me the blue was too bright, but it almost does not leave fingerprints as they are visible on my black phone.



  • Battery 3000 mA·h;
  • Good internal memory — 64 GB;
  • Fast charging;
  • Stylish design;
  • High-speed fingerprint. Works great, other people will not accept only the owner);
  • Frameless;
  • Selfie camera (front facing). Photos at a fairly high level (not taking into account night-time, there’s all the smartphones, the quality is not so hot);
  • A 16-megapixel camera. Good pictures and good background blur in the daytime;
  • Two SIM cards;
  • Regular update of the system;
  • Support NFC. There was not a single case that I have not worked a contactless payment mobile phone. Works smoothly like a Swiss watch. Configure the NFC also passed for a few seconds on the first day of use. Very convenient and doesn’t understand how I lived without it before.
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Over the cons I had to think long, for I am truly in awe of this machine and I feel fine about it. Almost everything. That’s what I would attribute to the disadvantages:

  • The protruding camera module-rear. When worn with case camera rises with him in one level and the difference is not felt. Otherwise, the camera sticks out well beyond the surface of the phone which the phone is on the table is not stable, swinging. And dust accumulates in this place, which is also not good;
  • The presence of «bangs». In principle, I do not interfere in daily use, but in some applications, the phone cuts out a picture under this «unibrow» that does not see the necessary information. Not critical, I’m used to. Yes and a feature that allows you to hide this cut, if at all;
  • The Huawei logo at the bottom of the screen. It would be possible to do without it, enough brand mentions on the back cover;
  • The lack of moisture protection. Well, no, what we wanted for a price?;
  • The lack of video stabilization;
  • Visible fingerprints on the back.


Summarize all of the above. Huawei Lite P20 – effective, high-quality smartphone with good filling and at an affordable price. If at this time you are thinking about buying a new smartphone, then I highly recommend you to pay attention to this model.

Again, bought on Tmall warehouse in Russia on this page, but if you need to another country, it is possible and on the official website of Aliexpress from Huawei here.

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