Pendant beads Dongmanli with runes

Interesting and beautiful thing for lovers of Scandinavian eclecticism, and common people. I ordered them as all the possible sets of runes for divination I already have, from homemade to store-bought pieces of wood.

What is this and scope

They are very convenient to move as beads, can be woven into bracelets, or even hair — hair style looks very original and even like a cosplay of the movie the Viking (at least said one of the friends).

Ordered them discounted in the sale 11.11. First came less, and the second stumbled upon them in search of different interesting things with Ali.

A shipping method AliExpress chose Standard Shipping, it was cheaper, and also delivers quite quickly. And so it happened that some goods after 11.11, I had to wait longer than usual. Bought here.

But runic beads came in two weeks to Novosibirsk. The bag was small and at first I doubted that there were exactly 24. But it’s just so completely Packed by the seller, for which many thanks to him. Cost me all this joy is about 5 dollars.


As for the beads themselves… Well, let’s start with the fact that of course in the photo they are shown more eclectic, that is, the spaces between the embossing flooded over the dark, that supposedly creates the effect of real silver.

In reality, they are more bright, but I liked it even more. Some visible seam sealing, some not, but overall they look very organic, I them made a bracelet and beads click as sometimes at guessing.

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The total mass of the beads have weight, but not great, you can even wear it as a bracelet. In the height of one of these beads 5-7 mm, each rune is written is true(and that there were cases that did not write properly, the dashes are missing or added Vice versa).

The convexity of the runes themselves is so nice to be felt, but no rough edges. There was a choice of two color options, silver and gold, but since I’ve been burned with Ali, more neutral option.

The color came out just as I thought, but the gold would look very unpresentable.

Say other sellers is sometimes rope them in sets or as a gift, I had a cheap and cheerful option, not 10, but for $ 5, so that there were 24 beads 4 rows of 6 in a small zip-bag. They seemed so little…

But the chain, they now look more impressive. So bargains really helped me to choose this particular store a number of responses from other buyers. But most likely would have chosen these runes anyway. Again, took on Aliexpress on this page.

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