Pencil case minecraft creeper

Pencil case «minecraft», which we liked, found on AliExpress. Ordered via the website of 7.64$ here on this page. Order issued quickly.

The delivery was more than a month, but the goods were tracked, which is very convenient. Type case «owner». The folded size 21.5*14.5*5 see this picture «creeper».

Upon receipt it was wrapped in bubble wrap. When opened, the smell is almost not there. Scratches, dents, scuffs as well was not observed.


Stitched high quality and pleasant to the touch. Lined with cloth, which I think will be easy to wash in case of contamination. Offices enough to put him in school.

The inner part of the Minecraft pencil case black color, not to be so dirty from the handle. It has a compartment with a mesh where you can put pens, markers, pencils.

Also has a hinged strap, which are the branch with rubber bands to the same pencils or pens. We have one compartment with elastic band fit for two pens. A little uncomfortable, but not too big a drawback.

Ease of use

Inconvenient that the case is very bulky, takes up a lot of space in your backpack. If this volume is filled completely, when opening everything will fall out. And so we put a few pencils, a pen and a ruler, a pencil case it turns out half-empty.

Although for children it’s convenient, because that’s where all the pencils you need to invest in every gum in children time for it and they still roll a lot.

The body of the pencil case is quite durable. The zipper works well. The quality was pleased. Looks stylish. Child likes and this is the main indicator for me.

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Again, bought on Aliexpress here. Additionally, I recommend a backpack TARDIS from Doctor Who.