Passport cover

Cover on the passport thing is not the most important in life, but rather an element of decor and cleanliness. The passport is issued for a long time and have to worry about its safety.

I ordered on the website Aliexpress on this page, two passport covers for myself and daughter.

I first ordered a cover from a genuine leather, but after a week came the answer that it cannot be delivered. Then I changed the order to a simple, inexpensive option.

The money returned to the account in two days. Waited about a month for one order, then came my days in fifty. The region of my stay in Altai Krai, but the shipping is via Moscow. The total purchase price of about four hundred rubles. Free shipping.

Briefly talk about the product. Blue like the cover us because of the color, very beautiful, same as on the website, is not deceived. The surface is rough. Inside the transparent flaps with additional pockets. Very easy to store some other documents. The cover is sturdy enough, yet even never worn. It took about a year of receipt.

Pink mother-of-pearl cover, with a holographic coating, the surface with raised patterns, under the «snakeskin». Inside the transparent cuffs, no pockets. Also durable enough to keep in my purse, and in eight months is not spoiled.

Honestly I do not like to buy the product do not touch, do not touch, ordered on Aliexpress because it’s cheap. But was pleased with the price and quality. To Aliexpress cover is not difficult, there are a great many, there is a very funny design. And did the ordering here.

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