Pants boy brand babadu as well

That came our pants babadu as well. Ordered these for the second time. The seller is very responsible and responsive, before ordering, I asked for real photos of khaki pants. After 10 minutes the photo was sent, he opened the package and photographed from all angles. I always read the reviews, everything was great. But my color no one ordered. After seeing these photos, I made a purchase. The cost of the pants 665рублей. In the comments I always ask to send quickly.

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Official store

Bought in the official store babadu as well on Aliexpress here. The seller is good, sent the parcel to pay day and in the evening the item was sent. The parcel tracked all the way. Delivery came 25 days in Voronezh region, p. G. T. Anna. Sent a gift of gold-plated heart, which is glued to the phone and absorbs radiation. But glue it I did not.

Packed in tight trousers 2 pack and the 3rd from the top of the post. The quality is excellent. They are much better looking than in the pictures presented on the website. The color is a little darker, but it’s even better. Looks very solid and dignified. Conveniently, there is a drawcord. My son is not complete, so we can’t. The composition is pure cotton, the tight, the fabric does not stretch at all. Zipper metal. Threads and sharp Chinese smell either. Front pockets deep back too, but it’s more for decoration.


The pants are great. I just stroked from the inside and otpaivaem not to damage the appearance. On top of the material with a little sheen, the surface is smooth, polished. Under the gray shirt looks fire!

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The size matched the description on the website, our size 5 (on the label of the specified growth of 110). When the son was 110cm we are a little tucked hem, approximately on 3 see Now son 116cm, pants just, it turns out that they bolshemeryat a bit. Can be worn with the growth of the 110-116cm, we are already very close. Be sure to order 3rd time by September of the same model. We have all the holidays they spent, look gorgeous. Not to compare in the garden the usual black pants from the children and our.

BUT those who would buy – if you have a child full, I think will be problematic to get into them. The fit on the legs is incomplete. Legs narrow. In the photo I measured all measurements.


If you are looking, do not even hesitate a good thing. The previous one I sold as they were small, they were bought in the 1st day I threw the ad. A great inexpensive, and amazing pants! In our stores you will not find. If there is such, the price tag three times higher. Therefore, Aliexpress this helps. Again, bought here from an authorized representative babadu as well (BBD STORE) on Aliexpress here.