Pandora Bracelet

This fall I ordered on the website Aliexpress bracelet Pandora. Honestly, I was upset when a month passed, and sending. But my frustration was in vain, the bracelet still came to Voronezh, and then I got it in the mail. Here is a» target=»_blank» rel=»nofollow» in_page_link_css=»true» external_link_css=»true» original_link=»»>direct link to Ali.

The contents

  1. Original or non-original
  2. Suspension
  3. Beads

Original or non-original

Pandora I ordered aftermarket. But she, though made of fake silver, almost indistinguishable from the original, unless, of course, viewed from the side. But the price differs significantly.

The bracelet consists of a metal cord and rivets of the same material. Cord length is different from twelve to twenty-eight inches. I chose medium, i.e. twenty centimeters (including the rivets).


The most interesting thing that attracts the attention of most buyers of such jewelry is pendants.

They are very diverse. Models of pendants vary in size, shape, color, coating, as well as the original bracelet. Set my Pandora came 10 metal pendants of different shapes. You can see in the first photo.


With this bracelet I have made two order. I decided to buy several types of beads for Pandora, and began to search. The most beautiful, in my opinion, was turquoise with pale pink flowers.These beads I ordered three here on Aliexpress.

Then I saw a very unusual suspension — watermelon on this page. It might seem too childish a commodity, but actually they are very nice on the bracelet. Only one photo caught my attention. But when I saw them live and hold in your hand, my delight knew no bounds. They are so bright that it seems that it is a reduced copy of this berries. I was very happy!

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The whole purchase cost me 699 rubles, and I believe that I made it. Still recommend a set of creative Mandala and cabochons BoYuTe.