Pandora bracelet and charms for it

After the birth of my daughter, my husband presented me a Pandora bracelet and thematic charm to it.

This popular brand of jewelry I’ve known for a long time – for the holidays, we often gave sharmini my mom, sister and godmother.

The idea to create the decoration, which presents the thread to the most important events and memories, I was always inspired. But it was money well spent. But the bracelet was presented to your loved one, which I was thrilled.

After some time, the question arose how to fill it. Money decree has significantly diminished, and spend 3-5 thousand for a silver piece there is no way. To wear the bracelet almost empty sad. In this case, I was saved by Aliexpress.

Where to buy

I found two lovely shop that sells high-quality copies of the charms of Pandora.

Perhaps a specialist or a seller of the shop close to tell a fake, but to my Philistine taste charms-copies look great! Particularly pleasing price.

Charm-cat cost me 670, and Sharm stroller 642 ruble.

As I searched for copies of Pandora

If you search for Ali ask «Pandora», there is no silver you will not find. In my experience, what to look for charms in three ways:

  • the picture downloaded from the official catalogue of Pandora;
  • on request «authentic sterling silver»;
  • in the section «especially for you», when looking at a card of a different charm.

How to choose sellers:

When choosing sellers relied on the rating, the number of orders and testimonials with photos. Eventually settled on two sellers with good reviews and average prices. Have BISAER Brand Fashion Jewelry I ordered Sharm stroller. Have WOSTU Factory Store charm-cat.

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What was the result

Both of charm were simultaneously monitored in each intermediate point and seemed to go in one box. The mail came too at the same time. Free shipping. Tracks track. In Rostov oblast packages came in 15 days.

Quality charms on top! I can’t even choose which I like more! Definitely recommend both! And both sellers!

I can’t say with certainty that it is silver. But the trial is worth it. Where to buy the Pandora bracelet on Aliexpress look in this review.