Palette Poopfeel and makeup brush

Good day! I ordered the palette Popfeel on Aliexpress and immediately went to her bargain, a set of makeup brushes.

Why? Buying separately would have had to pay 637,72 per the shade and 240,77 per brush. Total: 878 rubles. If we take them in the set, then I went 620,50 RUB + 155,81 RUB = RUB 776,30 In addition they come in one parcel and do not need to wait for them individually the n-th time. The order I made on 25 January 2019. And the parcel came on 19 February 2019. Bought here on this page.

Everything was Packed very securely. I was afraid that the shadows can crumble. But all were safe and sound. Were tightly sealed packing, the inside of the shade was also sealed with tape, barely able to decompress. The brush was also protected.

Now consider separately each product.

The contents

  1. On the palette
  2. Color
  3. Application
  4. About the brush set maquillaje Make Up
  5. Conclusion and where to buy

On the palette

Palette poopfeel. Opening the box, we see 120 colors. The palette is very small, smaller hands and, therefore, the hole is also very very small. From black to white.


Colors fit for any occasion. There are matte colors and glossy. Try them on hand, it seemed to me that they are bright enough. But when I started to apply them to the eyelid, they were quite dim. Again, I think it depends on the color. I applied pink and green.


I was upset at first, but then I put a base under the shadows and they went very well, the color was very bright. Therefore, I advise them to apply already on base or concealer.

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It is worth noting that when I apply them on the eyes, they rained. And quite strongly. Again, rose fell not as much as green. But the problem is also solvable. First apply shadow, then wipe their miceliari and strike a tone. The flow of shadows seemed insignificant, so there is nothing to worry.

About the brush set maquillaje Make Up

I have had experience of the order of shadows with Aliexpress. And I do not really like, as they were quite hard and uncomfortable to use.

As for these brushes, they are very, very good. Applying make hand just kicks and eyes too. They are very well shaded for the shadow. A flat fine applied color.

The set comes with 12 brushes. From the smallest eyeliner to large rastushevok. The brush is made of wood, which is also convenient to use. Hand does not slip and does not sweat. And fibers made of synthetic hair. I thought after applying makeup they will begin to vypadat. But even pulling out with the effort, not a hair fell out.

Conclusion and where to buy

Take the set of possible and necessary! Here are direct links to Ali: the first product, second product. Still I can advise the shade of the Imagic set with mirrorthat can be easily taken along on a trip and just put in a handbag!