Palette Focallure

Hello! I ordered the eyeshadow palette brand Focallure for professional makeup 28 colors on Aliexpress here on this page for $ 8 from official representative. They came in three and a half weeks in Belarus registered mail.

The site presents two choices of palettes: the first colors from white with a black with mostly beige, brown shades of eye shadow and the second with mostly bright colors (purple, green, blue, etc.). I ordered the first.

The eyeshadow palette was Packed in three layers of plastic wrap, but not tightly enough, so that upon delivery the shade is very much crumbled, to the extent that three shades is almost completely absent.

As for use, this eyeshadow palette can not be called a tool for professional makeup. Color is not bright, dull, strongly and crumble for use on direct purpose are not suitable. All the colors of the palette you can actually use only the black.

In General, if You bought this eyeshadow palette, it will suit only if you want to learn the makeup, the rest is wasted money. I recommend to look better on the firm Poopfeel or from the palette with mirror brand iMagic.

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