Pajamas kigurumi «rainbow Unicorn»

— I want a kigurumi for his birthday! told me my daughter.
Is kigurumi? What is it? I asked, hearing the new, I understood the word, in the lexicon of a teenager.

It turned out, we are talking about Rostov suit in the form of an animal or cartoon character.

Last winter, I saw similar outfits skiers and snowboarders of both sexes, riddled in the snow.

Absolutely not seeing the need for this article of clothing my daughter sarcastically asked asked if she goal, to finally find the coveted independence from parents, dealing with the distribution of leaflets to passers-by on the street or seasonal part-time new year’s corporate parties in the way of this miracle …

The contents

  1. Where to buy Ali
  2. Overview
  3. Opinion

Where to buy Ali

But to please the child and to fulfill the desire, nevertheless it would be desirable, I suggested to look on Aliexpress.

From a variety of colors and great choice of characters, was just dizzying. People demonstrated kigurumi, looked very funny and cute and the thing on first glance, it seemed comfortable and warm, besides, could be an interesting and original alternative to pyjamas or home clothes.

The height 158 and weight 43, to the grid dimension recommended by the seller is S, but based on reviews from other
buyers ordered M (rose unicorn coloring). And I was right. The suit fit her perfectly.

Bought here on this page, the price was 1190 rubles. The order had to before the birthday, so the shipping I chose to pay using the service of e-Packet, which is very like me in terms of price and speed, and usually takes 2 — 3 weeks in Perm.

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Payment for the goods, I waited a couple of days of shipping notification, but the seller was delayed, so I had to turn to him with a request and wishes to receive the order by the date specified. Within a few hours, at my request, he was expelled.

Got 17 days to mail Russia. After opening the parcel, joy girls no bounds. Does not get out of that thing to this day.


Noted the following advantages:

  • made of soft, pleasant to the body material (velsoft);
  • spacious (it is cozy and convenient, it is neither the suit nor his parts do not look shapeless);
  • it is warm;
  • you can go home you can sleep (the most daring and outrageous appear in such attire even in the street);
  • quality (straight lines, color saturated fabrics, strong seams, no defects I found);
  • knitted cuffs on the sleeves and legs;
  • deep hood, the presence of pockets (perfectly placed smartphone);
  • long zipper in the back, under causal place, which unzips across the width of the suit and forms the so-called hatch (eliminates the need to unbutton buttons, each time to remove and lower the kigurumi to the level of the knees).

Note the tail! Sewn over the hatch and if in a rush to forget to keep him dry from the water, the tail just will not work;


For the money a great thing. As for the cons, I believe it is the lack of any Romper, in spite of cleverly invented the zipper, this design is not suitable to girls.

The thing is, this is, of course, is not essential, but as an option home winter clothes are very even… and I want a cool night to lie down under a warm fleece blanket and bask!

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I’m 12 cm long daughter and forms differ, however, could not resist the temptation briefly to put on this pink and white skin of a unicorn… look at the photo. Again, bought on Aliexpress at this link, there their pieces 20 of different types, everyone will find. More on the main from the same seller.