Painting by numbers on canvas cheap with Ali

Hello, I want to tell you about their experiences from buying paintings by numbers colors from AliExpress.

The cost of the product relatively large, about 400 rubles without frame, with frame such a product will cost from 800 rubles. Seen such pictures in the shop Mall with price of 1800 rubles with the frame, and the range is very small.

Took on Aliexpress here at this link — the choice was very big!

The contents

  1. Flowers, city or snow white?
  2. The process of drawing
  3. Paint
  4. Frame
  5. Where to buy

Flowers, city or snow white?

On AliExpress in addition to attractive prices, there is a huge selection of goods in different categories: flowers, cities, landscapes, still lifes, people, cars, animals, abstraction, paintings by famous artists, you can even order your photo on canvas by numbers, this should send photos to the seller and he will produce you a canvas for your photos.

I bought these paintings by numbers on canvas for a long time, they are perfect as a gift to loved ones on birthdays and other holidays. I gave their loved ones, everyone was happy, and even began to order themselves, or ask me to order if they have no opportunity.

The process of drawing

To paint such pictures can both adults and children, the process is quite fascinating, interesting, plus you can always boast hand-painted. Pictures come out very bright, beautiful, saturated colors.

The kit includes canvas, acrylic paint with numbers on them, three brushes of different sizes, a small picture of which to be obtained, and the lugs and screws for mounting on the wall.

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The picture is sometimes slightly different color from the finished work but it’s not terrible, the picture will still be very beautiful.

I am very pleased with the size of 40×50 cm, picture is big, can be matched to any interior and taste.

Sometimes put a duplicate canvas on paper that really helps when you accidentally paint the next room, because the paint will not wash away. My ordered at the moment, 11 of them duplicate put in only two.

But even if you accidentally paint over the next room and not know then what color you paint the adjacent site, you can choose the color similar, nothing terrible will happen, the picture will not spoil.


The paint is thick enough, sometimes even so that you have a little bit diluted with water. On canvas fall well, if a color is transparent, it is better to paint the second layer. Also if you want to make the picture more three-dimensional, it is necessary to allocate basic details fatter, and the background areas painted in a single layer.

I started my drawing with the background, with larger detail, then went top-down in fragments, opening the paint for one. All the colors don’t need to open, otherwise they can dry out and they will not soak.

After painted with the same brush, the brush must be well wiped with a damp cotton pad or wet cloth at the end, rinse the brush under the tap, because if you put the brush with the remnants of paint, after drying, you have them doesn’t wash out.

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Great details in the picture easier to draw first with a small brush along the contour, then the middle to paint a large brush. But the bulk of the work falls on the small brush, so it is better to protect.The procedure may be different, you can draw both from the top down and for example, first paint one color what you see, then another, and so on.


Frame better to buy or make yourself, about Chinese frames do not write enough bad reviews to buy a pig in a poke do not hunt. I for these purposes bought at the hardware store. Handcrafted three 40×50 frames cost me 500 rubles.

Where to buy

The last time I ordered the painting by numbers on canvas 19 Jan, received on 20 March.

Two months is a very long shipping for this product, they usually come in 10-15 days. Track to track partially notice was that the goods were ready for shipment, sent from the country of origin, crossed the border of Russia and all. That the product came in this case to inform via SMS or send a notice, but rarely.

The canvas came in a smooth, wound on the roller, paint 24, and 2 extra if not enough. For this seller a special thank you, although I like the ink remains, given the fact that I always paint two coats.

Close range the picture looks not clear, but if you move a few steps, she immediately changes the look.

My expectations were fully met, never disappointed in the product, especially for the price.

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I have used discounts of the seller, the seller coupons and AliExpress coupons, these discounts can be summed up, for me to apply the discount I had to order three pieces, but it’s even better. In General, the average price for one piece I got 250-300 rubles at the usual price of 370-600 rubles, depending on the figure and store.

All suggest this product to buy, you’ll definitely enjoy it. Took on Aliexpress here on this page.

In addition, I want to say that even if the item you are not satisfied with the quality of the paints or colors not those, you can always open a dispute, to attach a photo, write neustraivaet, and you will return the money, to be sure.

Will definitely order again, and give, because the picture — it’s very beautiful.