Painting by numbers on canvas and frame AZQSD

I want to share with You how I bought on AliExpress painting by numbers. Such a choice on Ali, I have not seen anywhere else. The shops are very expensive, and the choice is not great. I always chose the painting by numbers with frame, therefore, its price from R 750 to 1,200 p. the size of the canvas I prefer 40 x 50 cm

The contents

  1. The choice of category
  2. Frame
  3. Brushes and paint
  4. How to draw
  5. For children
  6. Where and how to buy

The choice of category

On AliExpress a huge selection of pictures by categories: by brand, stories, with frame or without.

The stories cover a variety of spectrums, who like more. It’s flowers, animals, seascapes, cities, movies, singers, actors. And even cartoons, animations, games, abstraction, portraits, still lifes and so on. Here you can also your photo book. In this case, and brushes and paints are included.

I give more preference to landscapes, cities and actors. Very good Sherlock Holmes of the modern series «Sherlock». I also liked the illustration on van Gogh’s painting «Starry night.» Hanging on the wall and pleasing to the eye.


I ordered all the paintings by numbers on canvas and frames brand AZQSD here. They are very easy to assemble. Canvas and secured with buttons.

If you have the opportunity and desire, you can use a construction stapler. The shipping is expensive. Plus everything included here tip A4, duplicating the painting.

Brushes and paint

Makeup brushes in the set three. One of them is flat for large areas such as sky or clouds. The second is somewhere at number 1 or 2. The third brush is thin, I think that under No. 0 or No. 00.

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Brush, unfortunately, is not always good. Sometimes two the same, especially when both the big. But this is easily remedied, you can always buy more, but the store.

Paint is not always pleasing to the eye, the color is not very bright or not very nice. And it happens that 4 to 5 rooms of paint very similar in color. It’s like 50 shades of grey!

Sometimes, especially bright green, bright pink, red or crimson, as if with the addition of huge quantities of oil. And from this they work on canvas small lumps.

How to draw

Paint is ALWAYS fresh and thick. I diluted with water from a small soft bottle from the straw in the nose. So it’s very convenient. The picture I’m painting is always two times. Those irregularities, which were visible when the first layer are easily superimposed with the second! This is my personal drawing technique.

You have enough colors always. Lot is extra. But nothing, they always come in handy in the case. They should always be kept closed, as they quickly dry up.

To start drawing on my Desk are:

  • a container of water;
  • mild jar from her, I drop by drop add water to the paint
  • folded twice paper towel to avoid dropping paint on the side and not spill them on the canvas. And about that towel at the time you could wipe the brush of excess paint or water.
  • The brushes that I laid out in a large quantity, you never know what you might need it all.
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For children

Paint canvases for the rooms, you can start from any age. It depends on the size and quantity of the painted «cells». For children 6 – 7 years of age it is better to choose friends for their characters.

Older children can recommend a picture with the least amount of colors and large fields for their first ever independent masterpiece. My niece of 11 years, I bought «Horse in field», well, this is a figurative name. Mostly green, grey and blue tones.

I always choose the canvas size 40 cm by 50 cm, with frame. Is where to turn. And the result is a price of around 750 – 800 rubles.

Where and how to buy

Made order Two days it is processed and receives an SMS confirmation that the money is taken and the order entered in the appeal. But also indicates the expected time of delivery.

Personally, I buy on Aliexpress here at this seller — never failed!

To «us» in the Crimea, the premise is a little longer than on the mainland. Somewhere around 35 – 40 days, and even more. Now the bridge has started, travel time was reduced! The parcel arrives in one piece, not crumpled in the full set.

When you buy 2 – 3 or more goods, a discount, accumulate coupons, and the seller and Aliexpress. So it is even more beneficial. Still I can recommend markers for sketching TOUCH NEW and a set of outliners for drawing AnnWood eyeliner clear corners and borders. But this is the second level of development of the artist.

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