Painting by numbers: for those who can’t draw but want to write my picture!

Wanted to feel the artist, but the time and money to attend courses and workshops pity to turn this fleeting desire into a hobby of a lifetime was not planned. Found a brilliant way out — oil painting by numbers with their hands.

From a huge library of available images on the website Aliexpress chose what I liked and ordered here. With a stated discount of 56% turned 7.44 $. In Chelyabinsk the parcel came in 4 weeks. The track is tracked along the way like on the website Aliexpress and on the website of the Russian post.

The picture is perfectly packaged: the canvas is wound on the roller and it has no creases. The canvas is quite thick and I pulled it to paint, and just laid out on a flat surface.

The contents

  1. Paint and palette included
  2. How to draw
  3. Frame

Paint and palette included

A set of good quality paints in small plastic jars. All jars are numbered and tightly closed. A set of three brushes and I started to draw by them, but they quickly «fluffed», and I bought the other nylon.

The palette is not handy to me, possibly because I’m not a professional artist and just do not know how to use it. Need to mix paint to get certain colors, number of colors and shades is enough.

How to draw

The future pattern marked into sectors and slightly colored, so that even as the canvas is already clear that it should appear.

It’s great that there is an additional sheet with a more clear-cut than on canvas, drawing and numbers. It really helped me, because on the canvas quite a lot of small details and some fuzzy room for painting.

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These useful numbers on the canvas and spoiled the picture in the final version. They are not painted bright colors! Similarly, in the beginning, when the paint in the jars is enough liquid — it’s great, but as the use of paint dries.

On the Internet I read that they can be diluted with plain water, which he did. But then the paint began to Shine through the room. It’s a shame. Although not visible from afar, but up close it is unlikely that someone will consider. Hangs itself on the wall and hanging out.

The bright paint was used almost entirely, the dark half. Store the leftovers don’t see the point, so threw it away. In professional salons paints sold in containers of 20, 50 ml, price is appropriate and discard it would be a pity, and store — unnecessarily.

No instructions on how to use this «colouring book»; in the kit is not provided. Watched a few clips on the Internet, like anything complex. But even that is not necessary — everything is clear: look at the room, choose a paint of the necessary numbers to fill the sector. Where is easier? In General, the artist I turned out, you only have to learn to play ukulele with Aliexpress and should be proud!


To order a painting can be like with a frame or without. I chose the second option, because they do not know what I can do and if it will work at all. Frame finally, can be bought in a regular photo Studio.

In General and order and yourself satisfied. For a reasonably small price (in special stores for creativity this kit is three times more expensive) I bought a stunning set of creativity. Again, I ordered here.

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