Packages for baby puree

Ordered reusable bags («doy-pack») with a special cover of «sports lock» for a little girl on Aliexpress here.

The contents

  1. Appointment
  2. The quality and ease of use
  3. Conclusion


Was planning to cook mashed fruit and use reusable bags, for example, trips by car or public transport. The bags are placed about 200 ml of puree or juice.

On site there is a large selection of different designs of bags: different colors, shapes that, in General, can not but rejoice.

The manufacturer indicated that in the no BPA (extremely dangerous plastic chemical Bisphenol A).

I selected free shipping by regular mail. Unfortunately the parcel did not arrive or a month or even two, only six months later, she finally came in the mail.

I repeatedly wrote to the seller — he, in turn, quickly responded and assured that the parcel is sent and the difficulty apparently arose from the delivery services.

The quality and ease of use

Reusable bags for baby puree were perfectly Packed, each bag had a clasp, as was stated. Everything worked, opened and closed.

My daughter was delighted with the bags, she especially liked the design, very vivid colors and a clasp that can rattle))

Yet it should be noted that the bags are not standard big size cap «sport lock», and when pressing on the bag content very quickly is from the outside, especially uncomfortable if there were poured the juice or plain water))

In this regard, had to spend some time to explain to her daughter how to use it. I think it makes no sense to order these reusable bags up to about the age of one year old baby.

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To package the content in a sachet for sauce in General, whether there are a sufficiently large round hole under the lid.

The bags wash easily, I use a special brush for cleaning baby bottles.


Overall quality of the parcel, I was pleased with the communication with the seller too, but not pleased with the delivery time. Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page.

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