Overview of Huanan motherboard LGA2011

If you decide to build yourself a PC based server processor Xeon processors and socket LGA 2011, you can greatly save on the collection of high-end gaming PC and build a standard home PC for different purposes.

On Aliexpress in China, there are many different variations of the company Huanan, we will consider the 3 most interesting ones in terms of price/features.

Brand Huanan appeared relatively not so long ago and has focused its production on the production of motherboards for many unclaimed of server processors Xeon.

On the one hand, their price is 2-3 times lower than the branded Asus, Gigabit and similar, but less room for overclocking, some of the software problems that they fixes pretty slowly, but at desire it is possible to collect even very good and powerful workhorse or gaming rocket.

Another advantage is the ability to use the Internet access server RAM DDR3 REG EEC, the price of which is lower by 30-50% compared to a standard computer with the same settings.

Open at Ali and see all the prices on the following model here.

Please note: a pair can only work server-side, or both, or both standard for PC memory modules. Combine on one motherboard two different impossible!

All these motherboards have the capability of dispersal 6-core processor Kseon line 1xxx and 10(!) nuclear, for example, «rocket» index 2680 v2.

So, here are 3 specific models of motherboards Huanan that you can pay attention in 2019:

The contents

  1. Huanan x79 2.49
  2. Gaming Delux
  3. x79 mATX
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

Huanan x79 2.49

One of the best budget options. A minimum of flaws compared to many other earlier versions, good price and the standard set of consumer properties.

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7-phase power, 2 x USB 3.0 rear, 1 piece x SATA3, 1 x M2 SSD, mount the cooler to the CPU via a special adapter, and he needs to be for motherboard AMD.

Gaming Delux

Sounds cool, isn’t it? Gaming Deluxe!

Much like the previous one, but slightly more features. 4 USB 3.0 rear, two SATA3 and still M2 SSD.

An obvious plus in the original cooler Assembly from LGA2011 and don’t need any adapters. More suitable for overclocking and high warm-UPS of the processor, therefore, probably called gaming variation.

Audit: 12 and 13 of this Board. Almost the same, but in the 13th built the indicator POST-codes, more options in BIOS for overclocking and better built-in sound card.

x79 mATX

A stripped down and cheaper, when at all difficult with the money to buy, but still want a more powerful PC.

Size as you understand it, micro ATX. Only 6 power phases, so the dispersal of Prots here. The b75 chipset SATA3 connector and one for the permanent memory.

Also, like the first, the radiator cooling fan attached only through a transitional framework.

But Huanan mATX — this is the cheapest option of normal to$ 100. And if you put it processor 6 nuclear 2650V2 and Xeon 16 GB DDR3 RAM server, it will be a good home computer.


On Aliexpress you can also find more expensive options, but this is a «deshmansky» approach and nothing is normal on these motherboards not be able to collect in 2019.

I remind you that all of these «motherboards» Internet access can find and see the prices for them here at this link.

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