Overview KingDian mSata SSD

Not the first time I buy an SSD with the mSata slot of KingDian brand, but always I was satisfied with the products of this company.

Took course on Aliexpress, price with free shipping was about$ 30 and it has been declining steadily, like all other computer components.

Capacity of 120 Gigabytes, which is usually enough for operating system set of programs and a small amount of private files. Serious store not to equip, but it has a second HDD and external hard. And now it’s already time cloud storage on the Internet.


I put in my laptop instead of the 1TB HDD. Download speed Windows 10 is increased to 10 seconds, while the HDD before loading all of a minute. However, difficult to compare given the still early and established a program (now Windows bare).

Copying the same file to a 4.7 GB record is now 15 seconds, as promised by the seller!

Sorry, no screenshots yet, because Windu just went in and did not establish a normal screenshotmaker type PicPick. A little later will be in the comments below.

Again, took KingDian mSata SSD on Aliexpress here. This is the official representative of the brand. Not to lohanutsya and take the fake disc, need to take it from him. On this page the top its sales, just the left menu, select the desired amount and connector m-Sata.


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