Over ear headphones AWEI A880BL

Headphones are already fairly well-known Chinese brand Awei, model A880BL, I think is the best my purchase on Aliexpress. Ordered here on the official website of the manufacturer, as expected.

The contents

  1. Sound
  2. Bluetoth 4.2
  3. Management
  4. Summary
  5. Video


Not to say that I’m such a music lover with a high sense of music, but the headphones and speakers I had to test. These Avey is really very powerful bass that is rarely seen in devices small sports format. For fans of Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock and just a dynamic music is important. And in regular pop every year bass more and more. Probably to the car «bahal» from the subwoofer, and so promoted a new top singles players :).

Average or below-average special here experiences there, but the «high frequency» on top! The ringing bursts and I was very pleased. After their previous earphone was thinking even subtract a little via EQ, but then got used and now, when old include, just feel the lack, especially on tracks with a clear bright voice of the singer or classical and pop tape.

Bluetoth 4.2

Standard: 4.1 and 4.2 provides up to 100 meters in open areas so declared by the seller. Actually, the max is ten meters. Through two walls in an apartment Soviet-built beats normal, without the stuttering and disconnections.

Docked via Bluetooth to all your devices, including Windows-based PC, smartphone and tablet.


With with there is one not very pleasant moment. It turns out, there is no way to roll back the backward, forward or to start the whole playlist over again. Either return via the same menu, smartphone, or computer.

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But it is perhaps the only serious drawback. For all the rest everything is standard, convenient, pleasant to the touch buttons, everything else look in the video below.

The seller claims up to 8 hours music playback. In fact, do so, but if the volume is at average or slightly below.


Me all satisfied, Awei headphones worth the money ~ $ 20 for the official page on Aliexpress. But if you want to get the best sound, then you just need to take a look at Bluedio Vinyl is a real masterpiece, but they cost about 100-120 dollars now.