Original Nike Cortez Classic Leather

Good day, today I would like to do a review on Nike Cortez Classic Leather with AliExpress.

Nike Cortez Classic Leather — men’s is great shoes for warm time of year. They are well run, as these shoes are made of genuine and synthetic leather for extra durability.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Appearance
  3. Cons
  4. Conclusion


I note that the heel of this shoes made of soft leather. Lining made of textile. The shaft height is quite small, only 8 inches.

One of the advantages of this model is that they are very light, making each walk will be a rest for the feet. They do not RUB blisters, but very durable.

Due to the predominance of leather, men’s sneakers Nike Cortez Classic Leather very comfortable and look beautiful. Nike Cortez Classic Leather have a very striking design: the figure show performed in red, and interlayer of the sole in blue.


The main advantage of these shoes, in my opinion, is the sole made out of foam for lightness and shock absorption.

Also this model has a very interesting sole pattern that everyone will notice rubber outsole with a zigzag pattern that provides a secure grip on any surface.

These shoes Nike is very tight to the leg, the tongue at the expense of quality lacing. The set of sneakers is one pair of laces in white, which in my opinion is not very fit with the overall design of «sneakers».

I want to say that before you buy, you must decide when you will wear these shoes, because they are white, which after each outing be a completely different color.

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In my opinion, these shoes as such disadvantages do not have, but there’s a couple or three.

  1. First, pretty quickly erased the picture of the sole.
  2. Second, a little unstuck junction of the sole and the main part, but it is not very noticeable.
  3. Third, too quickly get dirty shoelaces, and sneakers.


But despite all these cons, I still recommend Nike Cortez Classic Leather. I ordered them for 181$. They came to Penza in about 2 months from the day of order. I was very pleased free shipping.

You can buy on Aliexpress here at this direct link. Still I can recommend original shoes , Adidas Campus , and these men’s smart fitness watch Diggro Di10 with Bluetoth for the sport.