Original Apple MacBook with Aliexpress

Experience years of operation in a compact, lightweight laptop (MacBook) from Apple site Aliexpress. The choice in favor of this model was done for a long time — lots of advantages from performance to brand uncluttered design and a minimum of disadvantages, or rather, complete lack thereof.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and convenience
  3. The originality of the laptop
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

The price compared to retail stores was the best for July 2018 with the delivery of the purchase came at 980$ (64 000). The wait after ordering, did not last long, and after a two working day courier handed carefully Packed MacBook. Here is a direct link to MacBook on Aliexpress.

The presence of the factory boxes and all accessories was rather unexpected pleasant bonus — a very rare technique with the sites-the unofficial representatives of the companies comes in the standard branded packaging. So that familiarity with the beginning set.

Quality and convenience

This is my first Apple laptop, and, as happens with most people switching from familiar windows to macOS, the first couple of weeks were a living hell, and think about the return of attended with every touch of the touchpad of the MacBook.

The build quality and work of all elements of the questions was not the inconvenience occurred due to the difference in the functionality of operating systems.

When brain and hand were reconstructed from working with this kid remained a very pleasant experience. The declared time of Autonomous work is justified, the laptop can easily withstand the active surfing on the Internet watching videos and graphics for over 10 hours, with no discomfort to the eyes from prolonged contact with the screen.

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Still not had a single crash in the system force shutdown MacBook or sudden closing of the program.

The originality of the laptop

As stated by the seller, the MacBook was the original. On the official website of Apple products is a function of authentication of the product — a good tip for those who have a need to see this.

Without interruption the backlight of the keyboard adapts to the lighting power in the room, although it is a problem with spontaneous disabling of the backlight was observed by many experienced users of laptops MacBook Air.


The only revealed over time, the drawback was the MacBook screen, fingerprints which can be remove times from the tenth, and without special wipes and cleaners that can be at all an insoluble problem.

In General, the ratio of price and quality at the height of all the declared characteristics correspond to reality, five stars out of five the product, seller and site.

Again, bought an Apple laptop on Aliexpress here. Can still recommend the Thunderbolt adapter for the MacBook.