Original action camera Eken Н9г 4K

Long wanted to buy a good action camera, but with a small budget is difficult. After seeing many positive reviews on youtube, decided to purchase a Eken Н9г 4K. The price was 37 $ (- a couple of dollars a coupon during a sale). Today the price within the same framework holds. Price with standard equipment, bought on Aliexpress here.

Received the parcel within one month. All is well Packed, nothing was broken and wrinkle. The camera was in a special box, which you can see in the photo, thermoboxes.

The contents

  1. Features
  2. Equipment
  3. Price and where to buy
  4. The quality of shooting
  5. Opinion
  6. Pros
  7. Cons
  8. Video
  9. Test


  • LCD display 2.0 LCD display, Screen — quite stantartny;
  • Quantity — 12 megapixels CMOS-sensor;
  • Input and output Micro USB/HDMI;
  • Resolution of videos recorded 25FPS 4K (also called Ultra HD); at 2.7 K 30FPS; 1080P (1920*1080) at 60 frames per second;
  • The lens 170 a + HD wide-angle additional lens;
  • Color Black/white/blue/yellow/Golden/pink/blue;
  • Language : English/(Russian)/Ukrainian/Chinese, etc.;
  • Support connection via Wi-Fi;
  • Battery 1050 mAh is quite a decent capacity for such a small camera;
  • Operating time from full charge 1-2 hours depending on the type of shooting, resolution, framerate, settings, it’s connected to wi-fi, etc.;
  • Dimensions 59,3*24,6*41,1 mm.;
  • Water resistant — keeps up to 30 meters under water. And someone actually dives into the deep end?));
  • Support memory cards up to 32 Gigabytes. It is better to use a memory card with high write speed of 10-th class;
  • Multiple video recording formats: 4 (aka Ultra HD)/2.7 K/1080p/720 P.


Bought in the most minimum configuration. It includes thermobox, mounts to bike handlebar, two Velcro helmet mount for tripod straps, charger and one battery. Memory cards, extra battery, case, selfie stick, both are available from the seller in other models for more. Only 8 of them.

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Price and where to buy

The cheapest grade 37 $, the most expensive 72 $. In my opinion the price of the common configuration in more than democratic.

For a person who can’t afford a Gopro is the ideal option.

I bought the official representative of Eken on Aliexpress here.

The quality of shooting

It all depends on your requirements and needs. For this price, the quality is good. But we should not expect a miracle. You can shoot videos and take photos in different formats and different quality.

Unfortunately, if for example you go to sea and want the day to shoot a lot, one battery is not enough. Therefore, when buying is better to take two or take powerbank firms Pineng periodically to charge up, making a break in shooting.

Also there is a problem with the video stabilization. For example, you shoot video holding the camera in hand and where they are going. Then this video on the computer a little bit to the eyes is hard to watch because the picture is shaking. To solve the problem of buying a camera stabilizer X-Cam or the like, then just be a good stabilization.

There is a problem with the memory card, that one was not a problem, and on the other it was impossible to change the video format. So don’t be afraid it’s not the camera itself and the flash drive. In General the quality is good and the map we must take the tenth grade.



  • Price = quality (For the price the quality is appropriate);
  • Many colors, many different accessories on Aliexpress Eken is on Н9г;
  • Different kits. Initially, even the basic kit a lot of the gonad.
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  • Battery, video stabilisation (charge one battery in the biggest format is not enough for these 1 -2 hours, the stabilization could be better, because it’s an action camera).

If You have a small budget, you are video blogger and need a camera for home use. This camera is better than what I can find, now I want to buy for it and a tripod-a tripod with a remote. Recommend!