Organizer on a cot with Aliexpress

Cot, changing Mat, bumpers, diaper – in list for future baby purchases have to be the organizer for details. I know from experience how it is an indispensable thing.

Have first child a few years ago was hanging pockets on the crib, but is very simple in execution. This time I decided to prepare in advance and find not only a convenient option for storage, but also beautiful.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Usability and conclusion

Where to buy

I must say, the selection in the store wasn’t. All I’ve managed to find, this is a vertical system of storage of cloths. At online stores the assortment is also not pleased, but what was available was unfairly priced. As time went on, and all that was left is to find out who will make the right organizer for your order.

But then I remembered about «Aliexpress» and, frankly, have little hoping to find the right accessory, I looked on the website.

The desired product was in the section «Mothers and babies» — «baby Changing facilities» — «Bed linen» here at this link. The choice was so vast that to do it was not easy: I needed time to consider.


These were the same organizers that I was looking for: made of fabric, with lots of pockets, drawstring. Incredibly cute, funny, colorful, stylish – perfect decor for a child’s room.

The color and the print of the organizer I picked up under the existing bumpers and bed linen. So, for white boards and pink sheet perfect pattern called «Cactus» in pink color.

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No less beautiful was the prints «Fox,» «Swan», «green tree». On the website of the organizer, otherwise known as a «hanging bag» or «carrying case» for storage.

The price was very affordable. I purchase cost 570 rubles, delivery is free. The parcel arrived after two weeks in Belgorod. Packed product was in an ordinary black plastic bag, it’s safe and sound.

Before use I washed the organizer in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Neither the color nor the shape of the thing is not lost. And then ironed. Fabric – 100% cotton, very high quality.

Inside packing foam. That is, by itself, the organizer is not thin, but thick like a quilted blanket. Keeps excellent shape. Size 60*50 cm ideally suited to the side wall of the wooden cot.

Usability and conclusion

All nine pockets quickly found application. I have in the organizer are stored pacifiers, rattles, socks, caps, bibs, baby comb, tubes of cream, wet wipes, handkerchiefs – everything in its place. In this manner you can find any thing even at night without light.

The pockets are deep enough. For example, a simple tube of baby cream out of his pocket not even visible. The organizer attaches easily with ties and is easily removable.

You can if you want him to always wash and re-hang. When the first bed is already small, organizer easy to move to another. Then it will be able to store hairpins, rezinochki, bows and other girly detail.

Definitely recommend the product to purchase. Again, I bought the organiser for cot on Aliexpress here.

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