Optical gaming mouse Malloom Zelotes T-80

Was bought by me about a year ago, in one of the shops on the site aliexpress, 6,57$. In Belarus, the mouse came in about three weeks.

It was Packed very simple — several layers of «bubble» film, fixed with tape, the standard mail package. In the kit, nothing but the mouse itself is fiction.
Externally, the mouse very much. Took on Aliexpress here.

The contents

  1. Appearance and in work
  2. Lighting and the connection
  3. Video

Appearance and in work

Made entirely of plastic. And some of the inserts, namely the LMB, RMB and the place where the palm touches when using made from not the brand, frosted plastic «Sof-touch».

Mouse Malloom Zelotes T-80 is excellent in my not very big hand. Moderately difficult and easy grip. The pivot point of the surface of the pad is made of Teflon material and slide just fine.

The stated resolution of the sensor, 7200 dpi. Switching between resolution options, is a separate button. A total of seven buttons. Five of them on the top and two on the side.

For use in various programs is very convenient, all you can assign frequently used «hot» team. Clicks are clear, but the sound buttons, side groups, less loud.

Lighting and the connection

The backlight has nothing to do with the manipulation of the mouse and changes smoothly with damping, six colors.

Connecting to a computer via usb cable length 1.20 meters. On a cable mounted ferrite filter. The cord is braided and very soft. Still recommend to pay attention to great budget gaming headset backlit Kotion Each and gaming keyboard iMice. It’s all there on the same Aliexpress at affordable prices. Together they create due to their glow and design the perfect atmosphere in the room.

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But this mouse I took at this link.

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