On-camera flash MEIKE MK 320 for Olympus

As an experienced photographer I needed on-camera flash for my SLR Olympus.

The contents

  1. Where to buy and shipping
  2. Quality and convenience
  3. Power and brightness in the work
  4. Video

Where to buy and shipping

The choice fell on the model MEIKE MK 320, which was ordered on Aliexpress here.

The movement of the parcel all along the way you can keep track of by track number. To the Nizhniy Novgorod region, Pavlovo city, the package was delivered exactly 2.5 weeks. The cost 51.85 $.

Together with the flash came in the same case, foot and a manual in different languages. Case dual layer, not thick, inside layer of thin fleece, useful on the road and when carrying. Paw standard, there is a thread tripod. This outbreak is also suitable for the Panasonic Lumix.

Quality and convenience

The housing quality is excellent, nothing is loose and does not creak anywhere. Gives the impression of a quality product.

The cover of the battery compartment is very convenient to open with pushing the button. Excellent quick solution. Looks reliably, without the thought that something may slomatsya.
The control is intuitive. Provides the following operating modes: TTL,M,strobe,S1/,S2. Flash control is similar to many flashes from other manufacturers, so the transition from one system to another did not cause difficulties.

Interesting features or, shall we say, the distinctive features of the flash:

  1. First- with a charged battery the indicator shows only two bars out of three. If one division operates about 10 minutes, it is better to change batteries or to be recharged;
  2. Secondly, flash MK 320 can be charged by any charge or power Bank via the micro-usb connector. It is comfortable on the road or in nature;
  3. Thirdly, there is an interesting option — pilot mode, shines on two meters. Only the diodes have a greenish tinge. But it can be easily corrected after shooting, the photo editors. Option is interesting and sometimes useful, can be used not only in photo-video purposes).
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Head on-camera flash Meike swivel: up, right and left.

Power and brightness in the work

Power enough for shooting groups of people in a regular room with a ceiling of 2.5 meters at iso 100 and aperture of 5.0-7.1, and at the direction St in the side (ceiling, wall, reflector).

The speed of recharging is rather slow — 6 seconds at full power, and 4 seconds at ½ power. For a story will not work. For home, Studio, targeted, and artistic photo task the best option. I can also recommend Dalnevostochny lens Tamron — here is a review on it. Compact, convenient. Able to work remotely and in groups.

Again, buying from a well-known seller on Aliexpress «Camera Master» — here is a link to his products. After clicking the link, just search for «MK320» and click the «search In this shop».


Video review in English, but in General, everything is clear: