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Cashback is a great opportunity to buy any product on Aliexpress is cheaper than the initial cost, while it does not matter whether to apply other discounts, or coupons to the purchase, cash back Ali always works!

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  1. What is
  2. Official website
  3. Sometimes the hype
  4. How to activate
  5. Where to register and how to use

What is

In short, cashback (from the English. CashBack «cash back») is a great opportunity to save on your purchases at Ali, returning part of the funds paid to the card or other ways.

In more detail, you need to understand that Aliexpress is not an online shop, it is a platform that brings together buyers and sellers. Upon completion of each transaction with the seller is charged a Commission.

That is, if you bought the goods for$ 10, after receiving and confirming the seller will receive about 8.5$. The remaining 1.5$ is a Commission Aliexpress, which he is ready to share, but not directly with each customer who bought something for a couple of dollars and through their larger partners that already work with small and wholesale customers.

Thus, to get a percentage of purchases, you need to register with any official partner providing this opportunity. In fact, these cash-back services now there are many but the best is offering very high payout percentage, plus an additional buns, and there is everything else. Read about it below.

Official website

Many users are trying to get cashback at the office.the website Aliexpress. It’s impossible. But any official partner service can provide everything you need for a successful payout!

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Sometimes the hype

Keep in mind that there are scams, outright deception which consists in the nonpayment or partial payment of interest. For details, refer to this article: cash back is a fraud and be careful not to fall into the trap of scammers!

By the way, using cashback services you can (and should!) to return interest for items on Aliexpress, but in many other Chinese stores. And also many Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian online stores, and also at payment of mobile phone, Internet, and other services even when booking air and railway tickets, buy movie tickets and more!

How to activate

As a rule, just register and go through a special link/button in your account. This must be done every time before purchase. Often services offer to install a special browser plug-in, enter your account details and shopping without fear to forget to link to that plugin.

Sometimes you can even get a personalized card to put money on it, and already with this card to pay for 100% identification. But this method is not yet more popular in the West and has one major disadvantage: all the required for the cash back card money can only be spent on purchases in Aliexpress, and other stores or withdraw your balance — not!

In any case, you should always read the rules of a specific resource, and sometimes to contact their support if necessary.

Where to register and how to use

See our rating of the TOP 3 best cashback services, it will help to Orient in this market. Also, on our website you will find full step-by-step instructions for registering in them and the correct use of all related tools (links, plug-ins, programs).

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