OBAOLAY Cycling sunglasses with a kit lens

To begin with, my husband was happy when I received this gift from me. It OBAOLAY Cycling glasses with a set of removable lenses. I ordered them here.

The contents

  1. Set and shipping
  2. About lenses
  3. Convenience while driving
  4. Conclusion

Set and shipping

It was nice to decompress. Accessory came in a wrapper – an inflatable mattress, which has preserved the integrity of the goods during transport. The kit includes: sunglasses, handbag cover, five detachable lenses, soft case, napkin for glass, rubber, and lace for the neck.

About lenses

The variety they need for all weather conditions:

  • Mirror for bright sun;
  • yellow is for night time (so it becomes lighter);
  • colorless for a normal cool day in the presence of large concentrations of insects, lenses with polarized coated for better sun protection and improved contrast;
  • Forgot to say that there is a card to determine the polarization points.

Convenience while driving

For fast riding on a pair of glasses OBAOLAY can be replaced with elastic band, through which the accessory will fly with a bike helmet and you will be to devote myself to Cycling. To change bows are elastic enough to pull them from their slots, and then snap fastening elastic bands on both sides.

The frame itself is lightweight, does not burden the nose. Will fit any head size. My husband, by the way, the size of the head 60. Sat great. He likes to change lenses which is very easy and simple.


Highly recommend to purchase for yourself and as a gift for a cyclist!

The price for this accessory is just great. Pleased with almost 50% discount. Closer to the summer going to have such glasses too, maybe in a different color. I will order from this seller.

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Shipment was made the next day after payment. The parcel was not more than 2.5 weeks and, as I wrote, I like the packaging – can not be afraid that the goods on the road is damaged, even if it will throw. Again, bought on Aliexpress here at this link.

Still I can recommend thermal underwear for bike rides Just For Outerpass, very powerful flashlight on the wheel MICCGIN battery and brake pads Shimano, which must be changed for the new season at least once a year for the safety of themselves and others.